The Pretty Reckless

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Year of birth : 2009

Age: 6 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Actress, model and. .. a rock star ?

As the famous saying goes, a talented person is talented in everything. And if someonethen such a train of thought of doubt that Taylor Momsen is by example to prove the truth of this statement. Successful and promising actress, she was in a short time became one of the brightest of rock divas on the American scene, managing to lead his band `The Pretty Reckless` the very top. But still,like the young actress was born the idea to establish a hard-rock group `The Pretty Reckless`?

`The Pretty Reckless` - American rock band from New York City (New York), whose leader is a popular singer, actress and model Taylor Momsen (Taylor Momsen),had time to establish itself on the screens in the TV series ` Spletnitsa` (Gossip Girl) and the film ` The Grinch - Stole Rozhdestva` (Dr. Seuss` How the Grinch Stole Christmas). `The Pretty Reckless` acts in such styles as grunge, alternative rock, hard rock and post-grunge. Group was founded in 2009 and was originally worn naming `The Reckless`,but because of problems with copyright musicians decided to change it to `The Pretty Reckless`, under which received worldwide fame. To date, the band released two studio albums, several Sing and played eight full rounds ,during which they have played a lot of concerts with the biggest stars - from `Evanescence` to ` Fall Out Boy` and `Guns N` Roses`.

His base `The Pretty Reckless` owes entirely Taylor Momsen, who for two years looking for the right producer at the same time nurturing the idea of a new group isochinyaya new songs. Finally, Taylor met Khanduala Kato (Kato Khandwala), rock producer whose taste and style is markedly different from the relationship of music show business that she met before. It was he who introduced Momsen and Ben Phillips (Ben Phillips), who soon became the second party to the new group. The first time the team played quite rare, often without the help of session musicians. In 2009, the year the band played their first show and started her story titled `The Pretty Reckless`. A few months later, in 2010, the year the band recorded and released their debut album `Light Me Up`,which has received huge popularity among fans of heavy rock and granzha.lastinka was positively received by critics, Thus, `AllMusic` gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, and popular edition ` Metacritic`, according to the survey, given the record rating of 74 out of a possible 100. However, the album came out three singles ,which were also accepted by the public in the ` ` Hurrah ! ; the most popular of these was `Make Me Wanna Die`.

For the first time the group has problems with the composition, but today `The Pretty Reckless`, seems determined by its members : vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the group was Taylor Momsen, guitarist - Ben Phillips ;Mark Damon (Mark Damon) and Jamie Perkins (Jamie Perkins) took up positions bass guitarist and drummer respectively.

In 2010, the group drew attention to the major music publications worldwide. For example, journalists `Rolling Stone` quite warm commended the work of the group, calling their music genre suitable. But the real success came to `The Pretty Reckless` after the release of the video for the song ` Make Me Wanna Die`, which has gone viral on the Internet. Soon, the network got the news that Taylor, along with GROUP will perform at several upcoming world tour `Evanescence Tour` eponymous group. Momsen herself admitted ,that has long been a fan of creativity `Evanescence` and incredibly excited to get this opportunity.

In 2014 the band released the album `Going to Hell`, but the record has not received special popularity. Thus, according to surveys `Metacritic` albopoluchil only 58 out of 100, and ` Alternative Press` altogether rated the album one star out of a possible 5. Fans ,however, it was not particularly disappointed as ticket sales have not fallen further concerts. Today, as you know, the band `The Pretty Reckless` working on a new mini- album, and often act with live performances.

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The Pretty Reckless picture
The Pretty Reckless picture
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