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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 years

Place of Birth : Dallas, Texas, USA

Citizenship : United States

The more musicians, the music is fun !

`The Polyphonic Spree` - choral American indie pop and indie - rock band ,Founded in 2000, in Dallas, Texas (Dallas, Texas). The group has two features that make it unique not only among indie bands, but among American and international groups in general : First, all participants perform in white loose shirts, more like nightie ; Secondly,Today the group consists of about 20 musicians, but for years the team had time to play in the order of 70 musicians.

The musicians themselves call themselves choral symphonic pop group, but in general, their work is a complete destruction of boundaries between styles, genres ,but this only adds to the charm of their music. In a world where 99 % of indie rock groups consist of 3-5 participants, `The Polyphonic Spree` stand out, but fortunately, it does not mean that they are alone. Since its establishment in 2

000, the band has gained a popularity that with growing interest of listeners to the indi-rock band made one of the most famous bands of America.

Often students erroneously rank as a group to the church teams, for which choral singing songs is quite common. Themselves as members of the group and its leader DeLoter Tim (Tim DeLaughter) against the standard is very understanding of religion and its relationship to the church services ;on them, in every living being and every thing there is something living, perfect and eternal, and therefore a major sin is not so much a crime imposed by the commandments, and the failure to notice how beautiful the world in which we all live.

`The Polyphonic Spree` was founded in 2000 by Tim DeLoterom ,for which at the time the group was a response to the death of Wes Berggren (Wes Berggren), a friend and fellow rock band `Tripping Daisy`, from a drug overdose. This event has become a key point not only in Tom`s life, but also other musicians `Tripping Daisy`, who decided to completely reconsider their attitude to life in general ,and try a new team, which became `The Polyphonic Spree`. Gradually, the number of participants grew, so Tim suggested to try to sing songs with a chorus ensemble of musical instruments. Only a few weeks the band wrote the first songs that took the best of pop and light rock of the 1960s and ,dressed in white shirts, since become an integral part of the group, gave a joint concert with `Grandaddy` and ` Bright Eyes`.

In 2002, the band recorded their first album `The Beginning Stages of. .. The Polyphonic Spree`, which was thought to musicians, to attract media attention to them. Not only are their expectations were met ,they even surpassed the boldest forecasts : their first performance after the release of the plate was the most anticipated act of the festival `South by Southwest` in Texas, and soon the group was invited to speak at the festival ` London`s Meltdown Festival`, which the curator himself was David Bowie (David Bowie). Interesting,that on his return to America, the label ` 679 Recordings` refused to continue the contract with the group, citing ` insufficient sales albomov`. This decision, according to the critics, can claim the top spot in the ranking of errors in the music world ,because during these months have the group began its easy songs to conquer the hearts of fans around the world.

In 2004, the band released the album `Together We`re Heavy`, which received great critical acclaim, and soon performed at the concert on the occasion of the Nobel Peace Prize (Nobel Peace Prize).Over the next years, the band continued to look for new members, to write new songs and cover versions, and actively cooperate with the television companies, for which they are not just creating soundtracks. The band`s songs have also been used in dozens of commercials and several feature films ; so, for example ,Song `The Polyphonic Spree` can be heard in the film ` Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless razuma` (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and` Crazy lyubvi` (Mozart and the Whale).

The band`s latest album - `Yes, It`s True` - came out in 2013, and was warmly received by critics and fans. Over the years the scene of more than 70 musicians have tried white ` nochnushki` ,is a distinctive feature of `The Polyphonic Spree`, but, according to the musicians, the most important is not the number of musicians, but the number of students who work group made a little happier.

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