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Year of birth: 1969

Age: 46 years

Birthplace: Oakland, California, New Zealand

Citizenship: United States

R & B- artist Pointer Sisters

American R & B-band from Oakland,California (Oakland, California). She has performed for over three decades; I enjoyed particular success in the `70s and` 80s.

Fundamentals of the group were laid in 1969 - it was then that the sisters June (June) and Bonnie Pointer (Bonnie Pointer) began performing in local clubs. Later they were joined by a third sister, Anita (Anita);the trio signed a contract with the `Atlantic Records` and released quite a few unsuccessful singles. Later, the trio became a quartet - a group came fourth sister, Ruth (Ruth). Girls signed a contract with the `Blue Thumb Records` and released their debut album; c that time their works have gone uphill.

Bonnie left the sisters in 1978running a moderately successful solo project; June trio, Ruth and Anita, meanwhile, has achieved impressive popularity.

In 1980 the sisters released fairly successful single `He`s Sho Shy`; a year later it was followed by no less successful ballad

`Slow Hand`. Soon the band came under the wing of a `RCA Records`;here they released patriotic hit `American Music`.

In 1983 came the most successful at the time the album `Pointer Sisters`,` Break Out`. C using are becoming more and more popular MTV- girl managed to considerably increase its army of fans. In only one in 1984, the sisters were able to release 4 singlaurovnya top ten hit-parade `Billboard Hot 100` -` Automatic`, `Jump (for My Love)`, a remix of `I`m So Excited` and ` Neutron Dance`. The first two singles, in addition to great popularity, and even brought the sisters ` Gremmi` (Grammy) award. Alas,

These 4 compositions were the last really popular works in the territory of States `Pointers Sisters` -following their composition naamerikanskoy land took much as the more modest.

After parting with `RCA Records`, the girl went under the wing of the first to the` Motown`, and then - to the `SBK`. New albums - both as part of the group, and separately - the sisters and then released; former success, however,they have not been able to duplicate.

Over time, about a group of almost forgotten; act, however, `Pointer Sisters` continued for a long time

In 1991 `Pointer Sisters` went to entertain US troops in the Persian Gulf (Persian Gulf) - in the company of the very Bob Hope (Bob Hope). In 1994 ,the group received their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Hollywood Walk of Fame); at the same time they began touring with the troupe of the musical `Ain`t Misbehavin``. In 1995, the sisters have recorded a duet with Thomas Anders (Thomas Anders) from `Modern Talking` for his album` Souled`;later this composition was announced at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics).

In November 2000, the sisters lost their mother, Sarah (Sarah); in 2003, Anita Pointer lost her only daughter - the girl died from cancer. From cancer is April 11, 2006 th and June Pointer died.Shortly after the death of June between the remaining sisters ran a black cat - Bonnie Pointer officially accused Anita and Ruth neglecting the last will of the deceased; according to her, Joon `s body cremated solely for financial reasons. The quarrel continued for about a year; already in 2007Anita and Bonnie were together on `Idol Radio Show`.Group is to this day, although the composition changed considerably - so, in November of 2011 on a tour of Australia (Australia) and New Zealand (New Zealand) went to Ruth Pointer, her daughter Issa (Issa Pointer) and granddaughter Ruth, Sadako Johnson (Sadako Johnson).Anita Pointer to participate in the tour declined due to some unnamed health problems; at the moment it has already returned to active musical activity

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