The Plasmatics

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Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship: United States


This not very gifted and extremely cheeky team created in New York and had a very theatrical character - a favorite component of the show was the demolition PLASMATICS "Cadillacs", chainsaw sawing guitars and devastation of TVs of all brands and sizes.

Composition gruppv:

Wendy O. Williams - vocals, saxophone, percussion

Richie Stotts - guitarWes Beach - guitar

Jean Beauvois - bass guitar

Sue Deitch - drums

Plasmatics - a group of so -called "

The idea to collect this kind of unscrupulous brothel punk came up with a former porn manager Rod Swenson`y, and as the nail group, he chose demoniac sex lady Wendy Orlean Williams, The light in his earlier sex show.In addition to her PLASMATICS entered Ritchie Stotts (guitar), Wes Beech (rhythm guitar), Jean Beavoir (bass, though originally in the group on bass played Chosei Funahara) and Stu Deutsch (drums). The first arena for experimentation PLASMATICS became legendary club "S.B.G.V." where in July 1978, the first seiche.Performances PLASMATICS caused not only raptures, but also aggressive rejection - one of London concerts was interrupted as the administration for some reason do not like the fact that the stage explodes car. In January 1981, police in Milwaukee hog Wendy during the show for over- naked appearancehowever, it has filed a counter-trial in too rough and domogatelskom arrest. .. and won!

After two sorokopyatok "Concrete Shoes" and "Meet The Plasmatics" on independent label Vice Squad (who founded Swenson) the band signed to Stiff Records, which released her best-known album, "New Hope For The Wretched" - traditionally punkrock in the Anglo - rebellious style.The song "Butcher Baby" beamed happily at 55 place in the British national boundaries. In late 1981, Neal Smith (from the group of ALICE COOPER) came into place Deutsch, then he was replaced by Joey Reese. After the release of the mini - album "Metal Priestess" was announced another change of structure -Junior Chris Romanelli became the new bass player, while Jean Beavoir went to play with and LITTLE STEVEN THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL. Later, he started his solo career and a producer - among his punk - producing the album has even RAMONES "Animal Boy".

In 1982 PLASMATICS came under the wing of the Capitol,and finally lost interest in punkrock brazenly and openly began to show heavy metal gashes and howling, tapping headed rookie T.C.Tolliver. Realizing that PLASMATICS the people can not be associated with the heavy metal, the band broke up in 1983. Wendy naturally took a solo rock `n` roll - metal career,what helped her former colleagues on PLASMATICS Romanelli and the Beech, as well as members of KISS, to play along on the first album. In addition to the KISS fate and body Wendy interested Lemmy Kilmister of MOTORHEAD, which Wendy managed to record a wild punk version of "Stand By Your Man".In 1987 PLASMATICS reformed public on fun and recorded two more albums and then finally sunk into oblivion. Richie Stotts tried to create two teams: KING FLUX and THE RICHIE STOTTS EXPERIENCE, and also played in the AVERAGE WHITE BAND.

April 6, 1998 in Connecticut, near the town of Storres Wendy corpse was found in the woods.At the age of 48 years, she committed suicide and that Rod Swenson had the good fortune to find her body.

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