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Year of birth : 1958

Age: 57 years

Place of birth : Kenton, Ohio, United States

Citizenship : United States

Biography"The O`Jays" introduced in ` Vocal Group Hall of Fame ` in 2004 and ` Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ` in 2005

The initial composition : Walter Williams (born August 25, 1942), Bill LUCF, Jerome Pearson, Bobby Massey are, William Powell (born January 20, 1942 - died May 26, 1977) and Eddie Levert (born on June 16 1942).

"The O`Jays" (now a trio ,without LUCF) created his first hit "Lonely Drifter" in 1963. Despite the success of the composition, the group considered the possibility to leave the music business until he met the legendary team of producers and musicians "Gamble & Huff" (Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff) , which interest groups.Together with a group of professional team "The O`Jays" released a soul album "Back Stabbers" in 1972, which gained huge popularity.


The band was formed in Kenton, Ohio, in 1958, while studying its members in high school. Initially the musical group called "The Triumphs". The guys recorded the song "Miracles" in 1961., Which became a small hit in the area of Cleveland.

"The Triumphs" was changed to "The O`Jays", as a tribute to the radio disc jockey Eddie O`Dzheyyu, in 1963 and released the song "Lonely Drifter", which hit the national charts.

The band debuted with plate "Comin` Through". During the 1960s, she continued to appear in the charts with songs suchas the "Lipstick Traces" (song sounded in their performance on ABC`s TV series "Shivaree"), "In For Love", "Let It All Out", "I`ll Be Sweeter Tomorrow", "Deeper In Love With You" and "One Night Affair". Some of these songs and others became national and regional pop and R & B hits.

In 1972they sold their millionth copy of the single, " the Back Stabberss " gold " the album of the same name. Since that time, a member of the group, Bobby Massey are no longer performed with them. This album is also supported by the production of several singles, including " 992 Arguments", "Sunshine", "Time To Get Down" and "Love Train".

During 1970x "The O`Jays" continued releasing chart - topping singles, including "Put Your Hands Together" (10th place in the pop charts) , "For the Love of Money" (9th place) , "Give the People What They Want", "Let Me Make Love To You", "I Love Music" (5th place) , "Livin` for the Weekend", "Message in Our Music" and "Darlin` Darlin` Baby (Sweet Tender Love)".

In 1997He died from cancer a member of the group, William Powell. When, however, they have become less successful in the group got Sammy Strain (born December 9, 1941) from the group of "Little Anthony & the Imperials", "The O`Jays" continued to make records. In 1978, the single "Use ta Be My Girl" was the final 5 best hit of the group ,although their songs and continued to fall further in the R & B charts.

In 1987 the album "Let Me Touch You" was the major achievement of the group, which was presented to the hit "Lovin` You", got on top of the R & B chart. Although "The O`Jays" continued to show the charts in the late 80 `s and early 1990`s, the band never reached such popularity. In 1992Sammy Strain left the band and went back to the "Little Anthony & the Imperials", and his place perezanyal Nathaniel Best, and still later - Eric Grant. In 2004 came the band`s latest album, "Imagination".

In 2003, "The O`Jays" lit up in the movie " The Fighting Temptations ," starring Cube Gooding Jr. and Beyonce Knowles.

At 200g. "The O`Jays" hit the ` Rock and Roll Hall of Fame `. In 2006, the band performed at the ceremony, sports awards "ESPY awards", which was conducted by Lance Armstrong. "The O`Jays" appeared at a charity event, organized by Michael Jackson.

Their song, "For the Love Of Money",which has become the main musical theme of the American television series "The Apprentice", which starred Donald Trump, as reported on 23 February 2007 the website `Radio-Canada`, has been used in violation of copyright by the Canadian Minister of Industry Jim Prentice. This is doubly tactless, giventhat Prentice is responsible for compliance with the law of copyright in Canada. Website stated that "The O`Jays" lawyers contacted the minister and the offender wanted to talk label "Warner / Chappell"

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