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Year of birth: 1983

Age: 32 year

Place of birth: California, United States

Citizenship: United States


A few years musicians toiled in search crazy studio that would agree to publish their musical marvel, and as a result ran into Nemesis studio. They and their debut album was recorded under the name "Offspring".

Dexter Holland, vokalgitara - Bryan Holland

Ron Welty, drumsNoodles, guitar - Kevin Wasserman

Greg K, bass - Greg Kriesel

Winter 1983California. Dreary day. Weather premerzkaya. Dripping cold gray rain, which soon turns into snow collapses sprawling orange trees. School on the occasion of an unexpected frost closed, the machine moves at a speed of thirty miles per hour, teenagers and toil of boredom. That day, Brian Holland and Greg K. sitting in a two-story little yellow house belonging to Greg`s mother and talk about their own group, which is about to be born. There is only one problem, and it is not at all the complexity, as well, bad luck. The friends are not able to play any musical instrument. We ought to learn. And they learn.Brian becomes a guitarist called Dexter and Greg mastering the bass. And the band Manic Subsidal there, joined by a second guitarist named Noodles and prone to medicine drummer, whose name still remains a mystery to the story.After some time on the horizon appears quick Ron Welty sixteen years old,running around on the heels of Dexter and offers itself to the role of drummer. Just at that moment, on account of the first drummer craving for medicine outweigh the craving for music, he enters the university and makes the legs of this gadyushnik. In place of a drummer Ron Welty intrudes minor. So the group is only one person over twenty-one years - an amateur film "Once in America" ??Noodles. Only he agree to sell beer, and this part of it becomes quite indispensable.

From time to time Manic Subsidal give concerts for friends at home Greg, because only his mother more or less calmly accepts teenage culture. So live: my mother on the ground floor watching television talk shows, And the second is going on, that my mother does not come close to the stairs.

What is not a subject for a film of the life of American teenagers? Somewhere in the middle of the script should appear drugsunderage girls and other attributes nice to see a movie "Kids." But in fact, it was nothing like this. There is a new group name -The Offspring. And there was a whole different story.

A few years musicians toiled in search crazy studio that would agree to publish their musical marvel, and as a result ran into Nemesis studio. They and their debut album was recorded under the name "Offspring". From the point of view of world music, this project was approximately zero,but in terms of the promotion, the disc proved reasonably useful. He noticed Brett Gurevich, head of Epitaph Records studio and member of the band Bad Religion.It is not clear that it is here worked. Whether Brett recalled unsweetened own youth, or really saw in The Offspring something that others do not notice it. Anyway,the contract was signed, and a lot of work has begun.

Strange, but true. This studio with a sepulchral titled album came out "Ignition" semi-professional teams, playing punk, which, however, sold over 380,000 copies. He became immortal hit with fans of indie and established the name of the group The Offspring.Needless Gauvreau that the next album - "Smash" - Californian team lifted up to heaven. In an instant, out of print for more than 7 million copies, and although the band`s style was somewheresomewhere between punk and alternative hits "Come Out And Play" and "Self Esteem" became frequent guests on radio and MTV.Such popularity in the wider circles - an exceptional case for the joint Drafts in general unknown punk band and compact studio (more have only Green Day in 1994) . And the success of The Offspring are most surprised by the participants of the group: "It was just terrible, when the number of sales all increased,and our position on the charts went higher when we got to the Top 200, it said. "No, this can not be". then, the album broke into the Top 20, and then it came down to the top ten.After that, we no longer follow the charts: so strange was our success and so it surpassed all expectations. "It is clear that the success of musicians and brought some material satisfaction. Prior to that, they are about ten years of making music at night, and on a voluntary basis. Like other budding group of countries Oranges, The Offspring performed at virtually no cost in the small dark smoky clubs.And then in the afternoon we worked the cash register in the dairy store, for the printing press in the printing and time learn even from time to time. Yes so zealously learned that Dexter is not just a PhD in molecular biology. But then came success, and molecules began to seem too small and insignificant."That`s really never thought we would make music for a living. But it`s great! And miss such an opportunity would be sheer folly."

Takeoff The Offspring - is, in fact, a typical implementation of the national American dream. With all the typical internationalized intrigue.Even before the release of "Smash" it became clear that the album will sell well, and several major studios began undercurrents, pursuing one goal: to put it correctly, attract promising band The Offspring to him. The group in this situation demonstrated the remarkable moral stability, and remained with the company Epitaph Records,which in its time to lend a shoulder to anyone not well-known Californian musicians. However, a black cat still ran between The Offspring and the studio, so that the next album - "Ixnay On The Hombre" - was released in February 1997 in one of the studios Krupa Columbia Records.And the transition was justified not by mercantile considerations. and highly moral. Columbia Records offered the group less money, but more support in creative matters.

The promised support, unfortunately, not too helped promote the album. Although critics took him quite warm, public opinion came to the conclusion, that "Ixnay" far from the previous album shine.no more than a million copies have been sold, and then more because of the old merit. The situation was commented Dexter: "Our previous album so exalted that" Ixnay "began to criticize in any case we knew it, and were ready for the reaction of our fans and the press.". Need to mark,that `s bad luck with" Ixnay "not at all embarrassed by The Offspring.

Musicians did not panic, reacted philosophically to the reaction of the audience and quietly continued to work.

As a result of "Americana", released in 1998, it created a furor even bigger than "Smash". "At this time, no one breathed at our backs,and we were able to work the way we wanted. People have made us an opinion, and we should not have come as a surprise. "The album" dedicated to American life in a variety of forms. "This theme, which links all the disk composition, arose spontaneously, and then was consciously realized.After recording the first songs ("The Kids Aren`t Alright" and "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)"), it became clear that the group pays more attention to the dark side of life, which is not to say aloud. The Offspring, but believed that it is necessary to talk about it, and for good reason : those wishing to listen to turned out pretty much.

Thus, the reality of The Offspring -is the emergence of nowhere, the lack of music education and the sea of ??enthusiasm. And of course, unprecedented for a punk band morals.

After takeoff, The Offspring began to say that punk is definitely gaining momentum. Indeed, the team The Offspring and Green Day paved road that is now aspires more and more young groups."The current popularity of punk - Noodles says - it is just a fashion, the clothes made to wear a few years ago, all the maddening grunge and Nirvana`s, now people are looking for something new, and therefore catch the punk And in the next year.. will anything else, believe me. "And we are willing to believe.As well as the fact that The Offspring, Green Day, Rancid and Bad Religion punk - not just a fashion trend in music as a kind of philosophy and lifestyle. For Dexter punk - it is a passion that began in his youth, and since then never left him: "When we started,our music is strikingly different from the rest It was a revolt against the whole world in this music was humor and anger.. I`m Just in awe of her. I still think that punk - the most sincere and most worthwhile musical naprvlenie. It seems, Green Day, too, feel it. "

It is considered that, while maintaining the best traditions of punk rock,The Offspring have made it something quite uncharacteristic genre - sense. And indeed, Intelligent load Dexter texts seriously exceeds the creation of the same Sex Pistols. What do you want? Krisel - holder of a degree in finance, Welty - in electronics, and Dexter - five minutes the doctor microbiological sciences.In the presentation of Noodles, punk philosophy is: "Punk rock has provedthat anyone can take to work - not necessarily be in a band, writing lyrics and music Just do something creative.." For those who perceive punk rock simply as a fashionable, fresh music, that`s all, of course, does not matter.And The Offspring on the crest of a wave a little regret about those times, when their concerts in clubs with a bad reputation came to the true connoisseurs of the genre. Then it was possible to shake the hand of each audience and sing for everyone. Current concerts in large halls exclude this possibility.Faceless audience of thousands and brings a lot of money flatters vanity, once again proving that you`re popular. But it takes anotherMaybe not least - a sense of dying every minute on stage. "Now it is impossible to go into the room and say" hello "to everyone who came. But we are more concerned about is not it.Just feel like gradually turning into an idol. At concerts we often approach the guys who obviously are in the deepest admiration. And we We try to remind themThat have not changed since the time when they themselves went to concerts and dreamed of his own group. "Guys, - we say, - The Offspring started just like you."Democracy in relations talent and fans of The Offspring are ready to defend at every opportunity. In 1998, while on tour in support of "Americana" hyperactive Dexter Holland, who had just received the license of the pilot, on his own four-seater plane drove fans in Las Vegas. Drove safely, however,evil tongues say that the lucky fan slightly damaged in the mind of the experienced joy. And this case is the best characterizes the lifestyle of The Offspring.

One of the most amazing features of The Offspring - unprecedented for a rock medium conscientiousness. When you read about the moral ideals of the group,the reality of The Offspring begins gradually appear virtual. Start with the fact that these people will never forget to say thank you to thosewho needs. At first vzgyad, it seems that this is not a virtue, as a matter of course. But in reality, thanks to means of itself only at the ceremony "Oscars", and in all other cases,many of her trying to minimize. Many, but not only The Offspring. They publicly thanked the mentors -kaliforniyskih punks and rockers T.S.O.L., The Vandals, Agent Orange, The Adolescents, and invited obscure Guttermouth sing " opening act ". As a result, the studio again interested veterans and recognized the young. The concert Policy The Offspring follow the principles of the old punk ethics and never charge for a ticket more than two bucks, though, according to Dexter, "could easily Sloop and ten." They sing about the fatal drug force, which consigned to the grave a lot of colleagues in the music shop ("What Happened To You?").And instead ofto bathe in the money and the glory, The Offspring in 1997, organized a charitable organization whose purpose is "to support economic justice, the implementation of vital social assistance, environmental protection and human rights." Not bad for a punk?

Source: (c) N. Ekonomtsev "virtual-real life The Offspring".(P) the same age, # 2, 2000.

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