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Year of birth : 1999

Age: 16 years

Place of birth : Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States

Energy and sincerity The National

American indie rock band, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States (Cincinnati, Ohio, United States). Among other things, famous for typical texts - gloomy, sad and rather difficult to understand.Matt Berninger (Matt Berninger) and Scott Devendorf (Scott Devendorf) met at the University of Cincinnati (University of Cincinnati); at the same university they later met with Mike Brewer (Mike Brewer), Rhys Casey (Casey Reas) and Jeff Salem (Jeff Salem). The five friends founded the group `Nancy`;named in honor of the team was Berninger mother.

In five years, the band released one album, `Ruther 3429`, and then broke up.

Bryan Devendorf (Bryan Devendorf), Bryce Dessner (Bryce Dessner) and Aaron Dessner (Aaron Dessner) doprihoda in `The National` had also try their hand at amateur music scene ;their latest project - a group of `Project Nim` - collapsed in 1998. Shortly thereafter, Brian, Bryce and Aaron met with Matt and Scott - born and the team `The National`.

The name of his group received almost immediately ; it is interesting that the official website of the group called `americanmary.com` - in honor of the first co- written song staff. As noted in an interview with himself, Matt Beringer, change the name of the site, even the musicians had not thought - though, probably, and they should.

The band`s first album - `The National` - was released in 2001 under the logo ` Brassland Records`; This label was created by Aaron and Bryce Dessner forces and Alec Hanley Bemis (Alec Hanley Bemis).Reviews album got quite warm.

The second plate, `Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers`, published in 2003 ; This time a group of professional producers helped Polk Heck (Paul Heck) and Peter Ketis (Peter Katis). Later it was Hake and Ketis participated in recording the most famous albums of the band - `Alligator` and ` Boxer`.

In 2004-m band released EP `Cherry Tree`; it has become quite popular at that time zhivoe` ` ` About Today` execution and included later in the composition of the next disc `All the Wine`. The new drive has been adopted by more than heat ; thanks to him, the group received a fairly substantial contract to tour with `The Walkmen`.In the same year the band finally left their once major work and signed a contract with the label `Beggars Banquet Records` - maintaining afloat own label was busy too zatratnym.rvaya plate under a new label ,` Alligator`, published in 2005 ; its success was expecting a more spectacular than the band went on tour ;tickets for their concerts just flew.

Equally warm was adopted and published May 22, 2007 the first album `Boxer`; musicians helped write it guest stars - like Sufyan Stevens (Sufjan Stevens) and Thomas ` Davmena` Bartlett (Thomas` Doveman` Bartlett).

In May 2008, the band released their first full-length documentary ;it was called `A Skin, a Night`. Director of the film became

Vincent Moon (Vincent Moon); members `The National` he met after the release of their first album.

The album `High Violet` published May 11, 2010 - th. The album was the first position in the charts in the US, Canada, UK and a number of countries ;dispersed throughout the world about 600,000 copies.

Last presently album - `Trouble Will Find Me` - released May 21, 2013 -th. Again, critics took it over the heat ; record instantly hit the top ranks of the ratings, and the band embarked on another tour

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