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Year of birth : 1964

Age: 51 year

Place of birth : California

Citizenship : United States

Who started playing Frank Zappa ?

A brilliant musician appears on stage is simply this: for each of the geniuses is a team of musicians who, though still in the shade, play a very important role -supporting their genius no less remarkable performance. This is precisely the role of the participants went to `The Mothers of Invention`, who has long played with Frank Zappa. But why all of them worldwide fame was alone Zappa?

`The Mothers of Invention` -popular American band formed in 1964 in California (California) and is best known because of the team included the legendary Frank Zappa (Frank Zappa). Interestingly, however, Zappa that he was not one of the founders of the group - before he came, by the way, which bore the name of `The Soul Giants`, -but soon after the arrival of the team he became a unique leader and author of most of the musical material. It is thanks to Frank `The Mothers of Invention` made their way to the forefront of the American scene and found their incredible sound, subsequently became their main feature.Many critics believe that `The Mothers of Invention` for many years - and even decades - ahead of the development of progressive rock, avant-garde, experimental rock and alternative to the United States.

History `The Mothers of Invention` began in 1964, but initially the team was called` The Soul Giants`, a leader egbyl Ray Collins (Ray Collins). It Ray invited Frank groupwhen, during one of the rehearsals of the first composition guitarist `The Soul Giants` decided to leave the team. At that time, Frank Zappa had already established himself as a talented young musician, but the work in the group `The Soul Giants`, later changed it to` The Mothers of Invention`,was the main project of the early period of his work. Zappa quickly became a leader of the group, he also managed to convince other artists to work on his records or to create joint compositions, as in this case, the chances of the group on a professional contract were increased several times.At the beginning of 1966 during the song `Trouble Every Day` group heard Tom Wilson (Tom Wilson), which obliged the American scene stars such as Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan) and` Simon & Garfunkel`. It is thanks to the influence of Tom Wilson, the band signed with the label `Verve Records`,which was part of the `MGM Records` and had a label with a reputation horoshimkusom and demanding.

Even the band`s first album, `Freak Out!`, ProvedWilson did not wrong talent of his players. As critics say, at the time of the album`s release - and it happened in 1966 - the audience had a chance to understand the depth of plastic,which combined experimental sound muzykalnyeelementy unusual and rather unusual manner of recording - often on the record were heard noise, They were regarded as `oshibki` instead of sound elements.

The group`s second album, `Absolutely Free` 1967 year, was a great success,despite the fact that contained a lot of satire on American society of the time; Zappa himself, who by then had become unequivocal team leader, admitted in an interview: `We are all satirists, who came into this world, that over all smeyatsya`.

Interestingly, under the direction of Zappa`s lineup changed frequently; Thus, in total,the group has played at different times of the order of 40 musicians, many of whom were quite successful with druimi groups and solo. The result of this cooperation was the music for more than 20 studio albums, a huge number of singles and countless concerts around the world.The very history of the group can be divided into three periods: from 1964 to 1969 th, 1970 th and 1971 th and 1973 th and 1975 th. The latest album `Bongo Fury` was recorded in a group of 1975.

After the collapse of the group Frank Zappa continued his solo career,It is becoming one of the most famous and beloved American musicians of the 20th century. Many of the participants `The Mothers of Invention` continued to play on the stage in the other bands, but always remained on good terms with the former leader of the group.

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The Mothers Of Invention picture
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The Mothers Of Invention picture
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