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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of birth : Leeds, UK

Citizenship : United States


On financial issues group several times suspended its work until 2008 Wayne Hussey, team leader, has not announced a final dissolution.

The Mission (in the US known as The Mission UK) - a group of gothic rock ,established in 1986 by former members of the band The Sisters of Mercy Wayne Hussey (Eng. Wayne Hussey) and Craig Adams (Eng. Craig Adams), who left the team due to disagreements with the group leader Andrew Eldritch.

Having started his artistic career with a performance of gothic rock, The Mission gradually moved away from the canons of the genre. However, The Mission, as well as past the group of participants The Sisters of Mercy, do not identify themselves as representatives of the gothic scene.

On financial issues group several times suspended its work until 2008 Wayne Hussey, team leader, has not announced a final dissolution.

History groupAfter the founding of the group soon to Hussey and Adams joined Mick Brown (Eng. Mick Brown) (from Red Lorry Yellow Lorry) and Simon Hinkler (Eng. Simon Hinkler) (previously member of Artery and Pulp). For Hussey exception, the composition has changed several times over the years. Whereas in the first five years of its existence, The Mission, numbered with the gothic genre-rok, accompanied by commercial success in the 1990s, the situation began to change. In 1992 he published originally conceived as a solo album release Hussey Masque, which, in contrast to previous work, contained many elements of dance music and also includes electronic losses. Album radically changed the style of the group and received a lot of negative feedback from fans. Almost immediately after the release of the album the group leaves one of its co-founders Craig Adams. In 1993 he published the live album No Snow, No Show for the Eskimo, whose recording was made somewhere else at the end of 1980ies at the time of release of the album Children. A year later, to be a collection of singles Sum and Substance. These releases, though had some success among critics, but nonetheless did not satisfy the issuing label Phonogram Records, which is why the group soon ceased cooperation with the record company. In 1995 already the new label Equator Records (a subsidiary label of Sony Records) goes full-length album Neverland. Album brings a very good success of the group - it is the fifth largest in the UK independent charts. The summer of 1996 released the album Blue, followed by The Mission officially informed of the decay and the suspension of activities. In honor of the band touring in Europe and October 26, 1996 acts out a large-scale concert in South Africa.

In 1996-1999 gg. Group suspended its activities for financial reasons, and then in 1999. The Mission was revived. The first release of the revived group was a collection of remixes of songs from the early repertura team called Resurrection: Greatest Hits.


Wayne Hussey (Wayne Hussey)

Craig Adams (Craig Adams)

Mark Gemini Tveyt (Mark Gemini Thwaite)

Richie Vernon (Ritchie Vernon)

Steve Spring (Steve Spring)

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