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Year of birth : 2008

Age: 7 years

Place of birth : Brooklyn, United States

Citizenship : United States

What is it - the New York punk rock ?

`The Men` - popular punk rock band from Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York), founded in the year 2008. Today, the group is one of the most popular punk rock bands of America (United States) and is preparing to release his fifth studio album. Despite the fact that `The Men` was founded precisely as a punk rock band - it means, however, and remains - the current sound band tends to indie rock.

New York boasts perhaps ,the richest in the world music scene ; and if the CA (California) is a haven ` prodavaemoy` music in the Big Apple, with its millions of inhabitants are concentrated so many groups that they easily enough for two California. One such group is `The Men` - with their energetic rock `n ` roll ,went from a fairly hard punk rock since the first records to the melodic indie rock with elements of post-punk, they are certainly part of the vanguard of the New York music scene, as well as popular far beyond the borders of his native Brooklyn. With five studio albums, the musicians do not cease to learn and develop ;in part, this approach to music and earned him fame in 2012, when their album `Open Your Heart`, presented a completely different sound, has received positive reviews from many critics and brought the band the title of best young group (Best New Music) from the publication ` Pitchfork Media`.

`The Men` Group was founded in 2012-year Kerikotstsi Nick (Nick Chiericozzi), Chris Hansell (Chris Hansell) and Mark Perry (Mark Perro). Their first work - the album `Immaculada`, several singles and mini - albums - were published independently, and therefore unlikely to attract public attention to their creativity.

The second studio album, `Leave Home`, recorded on the label ` Sacred Bones`,He was more successful and was the starting point for the future of the band. Around the same time the musicians have found that in the history of American music was already a group called `The Men`, but the band decided not to change the name and prdolzhat work.

In 2012 he released a third album - `Open Your Hear`,- Which is partly opened their music a wider audience. Until now, being a punk rock band, `The Men` on the new album presented a more melodic sound that is somewhat reminiscent of some indie rock bands, something - an old and kind of rock `n ` roll of the last century. This approach is largely added popularity of the group ,and drew them to the attention of critics. Some critics described the album : ` With the new work ` Open Your Heart` breathed fresh air - and the heart of it and began to beat faster bystree`. The record also won awards from `Pitchfork Media`.

One year later, the musicians presented a new job - the album `New Moon`,which proved to be less successful. According to many critics, the musicians simply rushed and recorded decent songs that are not particularly suited to each other, and do not form a solid product. Among the audience, however, `New Moon` was popular ; especially fans celebrated soundwhich again has undergone changes since the last work.

In December 2013, the Group announced a new album - `Tomorrow`s Hits`. Records release is scheduled for March 2014 year.

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