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The American rock band the second half of 1960, consisting of two singers and two female singers, which lasted about three years, and created during that time several hits such as "California Dreamin`".

John Phillips and Scott McKenzie played the traditional "white" folk in the composition "The Journeymen" group,well aware of the futility of this trend. "The Journeymen" often performed in a coffee house The Hungry I - that`s where John met with Michelle Gilliam, Mitch -the only one of the living members of the quartet. Mitchie was only seventeen, John - twenty-six, plus a wife and children who had to leave. Marriage was signed December 31, 1962. In early 1964, "The Journeymen" disintegrated. John and organized Mitchie new folk project with Marshall Brikmenom - "New Journeymen". For complete they lacked a tenor. Musicians invited to this role of Denny Doherty, a native of Canada, who played with Zalman Yanovsky. On the eve of New Year, Doherty accepted the offer to join the team of John.The basis for the quartet `s ensemble" The Mugwumps ", in which Cass Elliot participated, her then-husband Jim Hendricks (no relation to the famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix), Denny Doherty and Yanovsky Hall. In fact, The Mugwumps split into two strong teams - The Mamas And The Papas, and Lovin Spoonful.The most colorful figure in the ensemble was Cass Elliot - a close friend of Danny.The nickname "Mama Cass" she got izfor its impressive completeness: in this case, Cass had a very strong singer, and had an extraordinary mind - her IQ higher than 160. Finally, Cass joined the summer of 1965;the group to which the rest of the band went on vacation to the Virgin Islands. After the summer vacation in California, the band returned to New York. Exactly there, California Dreamin` song was written

"According to my recollection, we were at the" Earl "in New York. Michelle slept, and yaigral guitar. On that day, we were chosen for a walk,and she had just arrived from California, and all that she had on, that`s what she wore in California.All night it was snowing, and in the morning she could not understand, what kind of white flakes knocked from the sky - you know, the snow in the south of California did not happen. So we went for a walk, and that what is told in the song -it`s basically a description of all the events of that day, we went to church, to keep warm, and so on and so forth. And when I thought about it at night, I played and sang, and I realized that in fact, on the day we basically dreaming about California. I tried to wake Michelle that she wrote the text that I have obtained. She said, "Leave me alone, I want to sleep. I want to sleep "." Wake up Write it down. -and you will never regret it. I promise you, Michelle. "" Okay ". She recorded and lay down to sleep again.And then she never regretted that stood up and wrote the text. So, after her half of the fee for authorship" (John Phillips).

In the form in which it wrote Phillips,the song was based on three chords.Arrangements for recording studio came up with Phil Sloan (P.F.Sloan) - composer and musician who has worked on the "Dunhill" studio. After, John showed him the song, Phil offered to play her in a different way - just as it was done in the composition Walk Don`t Run group The Ventures.Sloane with Phillips also recorded the two guitars in the introduction.

"California Dreaming" became the first single group, and an absolute hit. With her team`s success story began, with hits in the top ten Billboard Hot 100 as "Monday, Monday", "Dancing in the Street", and "Dedicated To The One I Love". Tacke interesting song "Creeque Alley",Where the story of creation is described in detail, and the romantic ballad "Dancing Bear" with a fantastic plot.

John Phillips also wrote one of the anthems of the hippie movement, "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)" (1967, 1 st place in the UK) - this song is known by Scott McKenzie,although there is a recording of the song with vocals Phillips.

Career group was accompanied by problems because of the relationship between the band members.

Michelle Phillips and Denny Doherty in the early days of the band was having an affair, which soon became known Jon and Cass, secretly in love with Danny. A little later,Michelle began an affair with Gene Clark from the group The Byrds, annoyed that both John and Danny. As a result, in June 1966, Michel was fired from the group, and its place was taken by Jill Gibson (Jill Gibson) - girlfriend of producer Louis Adler (Lou Adler). However, in August of the same year, thanks largely to John,Michelle and returned to the group and to John. But two years later, The Mamas & the Papas disbanded - in particular, on the initiative of Cass Elliot, who decided to pursue a solo career. At the same time, John and Michelle officially filed for divorce.One of the latest stage shows The Mamas and The Papas in the summer of 1967at the festival in Monterey. Actually, the idea of ??the festival came from John Phillips and Lou Adler. The Mamas and The Papas were on the same stage with bands such as The Animals, Jefferson Airplane, The Who and others.

In 1971all of the original members of the band at that time engaged in solo career, reunited again, writing the last album "People Like Us", not povtorivy success of the first album (People Like Us has been recorded because the contract, the group was forced to release more one album. By that time,former members of the group already so distant from each other, both personally and creatively, that about any fruitful cooperation could not be considered.)

"Mama" Cass Elliot died of a heart attack in 1974 in London, during a solo concert tour. John Phillips died in 2001 in Los Angeles, Denny Doherty died on January 19 ,2007 at his home in Canada, and to this day (November 2008) Michelle Phillips -the only original member remaining alive.

Attempts reincarnation group did not have the success that the group had reached the end of the 60s. The most famous of these attempts was part of John Phillips, his daughter Mackenzie and singer Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane.Meanwhile, Chin Phillips, daughter of John and Michelle, has joined forces with two daughters of Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) and established a girl`s team Wilson Phillips. Their debut album, 1990 was the best-selling disc in the US, and was nominated for "Grammy" award four.

CompositionJohn Phillips (John Phillips, 30 August 1935 -March 18, 2001) , band leader, songwriter "Mama" Cass Elliot (Cass Elliot, real name Ellen Naomi Cohen (Ellen Naomi Cohen), 19 September 1941 - 29 July 1974) - vocals

Michelle Phillips (Michelle Phillips, the real name of Holly Gilliam Mish

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