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Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States


`The Knack` - American rockQuartet, playing in the style of new wave. This Los Angeles-based group became famous after his first single, `My Sharona`, quite quickly became international number one hit of 1979.

` Power pop` ` My Sharona` together with a common group of retro - style - working under the image of the sixties - the audience came for the soul ;Many even compared `The Knack` c early ` Beatles`. Many critics at the time did not like it has become fashionable in edinochase disco ; other new genres - punk rock, new wave and heavy metal - attitude, too, was quite cautious. Paver - pop and hard rock notes `The Knack` brought them a certain respect for the critics ; in particular,Many of them are very complex technical guitar solo in `My Sharona` - it probably would not disdain to use in his compositions, many metal at the time.

The group`s debut album - `Get The Knack` - was one of the major breakthroughs of the year. It is five weeks in a row held the first place in the hit parade `Billboard`;in total it has been sold about three million copies - and this is only in the United States. On the following albums the critics reacted quite negatively ; because of this and a number of internal friction the band broke up (however, after some time, fate once again brought together musicians) . Among other things, accused of `The Knack` enjoin whatthat came out of their work focused on teenage girls, while the musicians themselves were about ten years older than it should be for this genre.

Singer Group, Doug Fieger, who was born in Oak Park - a northern suburb of Detroit, Michigan. For a while, he played an eclectic rock Group `The Sky` and ` The Sunset BombersThe original lineup included Figuera, Burton Averre guitarist, bassist Prescott Niles and drummer Bruce Gary. Of these, only Niles and Averre remained in the group - Gary died in 2006th from lymphoma, and Fieger died of lung and brain cancer on 14 February of 2010. Gary, however ,He left the group before the death, and even managed to become quite successful producer. In his place I auditioned a number of candidates; in the end the choice was made in favor of Pat Torpey.

The last time the original foursome played in place while recording tracks for the album in honor of the British band `Badfinger` in the 2005th. The 2006th Gary died ,and at Figuera began to show symptoms of a brain tumor, it significantly reduced its activity

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