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Year of birth : 1959

Age: 56 years

Place of Birth : Portland, Oregon, USA

Citizenship : United States


`The Kingsmen` - American rock band from Portland, Oregon, United States (Portland, Oregon, United States), who became famous in the era of the 60s. In 1963 the band recorded the song `Louie Louie` Richard Berry (Richard Berry), and the single is not only lasted six weeks on the 2nd place of the chart ` Billboard`, but became the enduring classics of rock music.

The band formed in 1959, and when it appeared the biggest hit,its members were vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jack Ely (Jack Ely), drummer Lynn Easton (Lynn Easton), guitarist Mike Mitchell (Mike Mitchell), keyboardist Don Gallucci (Don Gallucci), played the electric piano and bass player Bob Nordby (Bob Nordby). Produced Record Ken Chase (Ken Chase),`The Kingsmen` manager and music director of the local radio station KISN, and sound engineer was Robert Lindahl (Robert Lindahl), the owner of the recording studio ` Northwestern Inc.`.

Song `Louie Louie` enjoyed great popularity among artists and stably rested on top of the charts. In late 1963 and early 1964-of its recorded share - American pop boy Bobby Vinton (Bobby Vinton), and the Belgian singer Jeannine Deckers (Jeanine Deckers), known as The Singing Nun (The Singing Nun), and their version lasted for four weeks on the 1st place of each. The single `The Kingsmen` reached the 1st place in the chart ` Cashbox` and 2nd place in the `Billboard Hot 100`.It sold over a million copies of the single, received ` zolotoy` status. On the second side of the single instrumental track `Haunted Castle` was recorded.

The group attracted the attention of the entire country, (Matthew E. Welsh), and the FBI (FBI) when `Louie Louie` was banned by the governor of Indiana (Indiana) Matthew E. Welsh, presumably ,I saw in their version of the text something indecent. In fact, the song is quite innocent, but slurred diction Jack Ely allowed fans, teens and their parents to assume that the text used swearing and other obscenities. However, all this only added to the popularity of the song and the band. In April, 1966-first single was re-released and again hit the charts, but his first success is not repeated, once on the 65th and 97th positions.

After the success of `Louie Louie` ` Kingsmen` participants went their separate ways. Easton, whose mother and registered the name of the group and, therefore, was his owner, said that from now on he would be a singer ,and Eli peresyadet on drums. This led to the fact that Eli and Bob Nordby left the band, and Eli later assembled his own band `Jack Ely & the Kingsmen`. Don Gallucci was forced to resign because he was too young to go on tour, and also collected his command, `Don and the Goodtimes`.Gallucci later became a music producer in `Elektra Records`. From the original line-up were two members, Lynn Easton and Mike Mitchell, who toured and as an official group `The Kingsmen`.

So, the success followed with obeihtoron lawsuits, and, in the end, Easton managed to confirm their rights to the band name ,and Eli had to stop using the word `Kingsmen` in their team name. On the other hand, he toured Easton was forced to stop moving his lips to the sound recording of Ely, which led to a sharp decline in popularity when fans realized that this is not the same group to which they came to see. However, until the end of the 60-s official group to Easton as a vocalist has released quite a few popular singles. The last time a single `Kingsmen` hit the charts in 1967, when the composition ` Bo Diddley Bach` took 128 th place in the charts `Billboard`.

November 9, 1998 `Kingsmen` obtained ownership of all their early recordings ,released `Wand Records`, including ` Louie Louie` - they did not receive royalties for the songs from the 60s.

The group exists to this day, but the only original members Mike Mitchell is a party to it. In 1963 he was joined by Dick Peterson (Dick Peterson), in 1988 - Steve Peterson (Steve Peterson), in 1992 -Todd MacPherson (Todd McPherson), and in 2006 - Dennis Mitchell (Dennis Mitchell). In addition, about 20 people including former members of the band. Discography `Kingsmen` has 20 singles, 13 studio albums and 19 compilations

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