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Year of birth : 1987

Age: 28 years

Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship : United States


Noise -rock collective, created in 1987 in the United States of America, in Chicago, Illinois. The band`s history began with a meeting of vocalist David Yow (from Scratch Acid defunct team) with Duane Denison - talented guitarist. Deciding to form a collective of musicians spotted bass player - Scratch Acid by David Wm. Sims - and at the same time in the light of a new team, which was called The Jesus Lizard.Initially, the team recorded the music for the upcoming performances with the help of a drum machine, but after a while appeared Mac McNeilly group - capable drummer, who made the team a new impetus.

At all times, a special interest is the name of the group - in The Jesus Lizard. So called some kind of lizard (Basilisk) the distinctive feature of which is the ability to quickly move through the water. We can assume that their self-titled group not only wanted to stand out on the total weight of the United States independent of the underground, but also demonstrate its exclusivity, skills and abilities.

Not surprising,that today experts consider the team as a kind of the beginning of the post - hardcore, because the performance of many subsequent groups were very similar to the game The Jesus Lizard. Musical experts describe the music staff as insane, piercing and vigorous. Psihopatichesiky vocals David Yow to this day is considered to be unique,and his stage antics - unimaginable.

Since 1994, the year with the band The Jesus Lizard collaborated Steve Albini. In that period of time pursuant to the vocalist was incomplete, defective, or something. However, when a year later the group stalarabotat on Capitol Records studio, Albini began with a confrontation.

Despite the controversy ,The Jesus Lizard team has managed to achieve significant results, for example, to perform at Lollapalooza stage - a popular music festival.

In 1996, came the publication group "Shot" plate, which demonstrated a new sound of music The Jesus Lizard.The following year, the group left the Mac McNeilly and instead found himself in the team Jim Kimball, and after Jim - Brendan Murphy.

In 1998, the year the team has recorded the disc "Blue" in the next year has ceased to exist, and its members began to look for a job in the other teams.

In the year 2000 by Touch & Go was released the album "Bang",which includes rare collective composition The Jesus Lizard

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The Jesus Lizard picture
The Jesus Lizard photo
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