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The brothers began with gospelz performance in Cincinnati ;In 1957 they moved to New York City and changed his style to a more "secular".

In 1959, they signed a contract with RCA and released their debut album "Shout", was among the 50 most popular US drives. Group gradually acquired a reputation as one of the most spectacular of concert bands, but the first hit came only in 1962 -"Twist And Shout" (17th place) ; later popularized this song The Beatles, the former big fans of The Isley Brothers. In the first half of the 60s The Isley Brothers have organized their own record company, attracted to the studio Jimi Hendrix, but the real success came afterboth brothers signed a contract with the Negro firm of Motown - the first single recorded by this company ("This Old Heart Of Mine", 12th place in the United States, 47th - in England), became popular in Europe, and the group strongly He settled in the charts in the United States. However, in 1969, feeling creative addiction,The Isley Brothers have gone from Motown and " reactivated " the firm T-Neck, which at one time were recorded Jimi Hendrix and the band Sly And The Family Stone. In the same in 1969 to join the senior younger brothers Ernie (guitar) and Marvin (bass) , and Chris Jasper (keyboards) and drummer Everett Collins. Group has successfully overcome in the new part of the 70s, creating a decade more than 15 hits and 10 "platinum" album, and in the status of a "super -soul - rhythm & blyuzRHYTHM & (R & AT- group " came in 80th. By 1985 year in the group were only Ernie and Marvin Isley and Chris Jasper. in March 1986, died O` Kelly are back Ronald and Rudolph ,musical direction has changed - from a complex mixture of styles now, perhaps dramatically stood alone, R & blyuzRHYTHM & (R & AT with some " bloom " gospelz that returns The Isley Brothers for career roots in the early nineties, there were persistent rumors. that The Isley Brothers on the verge of collapse ,however, regularly departing studio albums refute these rumors.

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