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Year of birth : 1999

Age: 16 years

Place of birth : Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Citizenship : United States

Music for the fans, not for the money

If ANY KINDtwenty years ago, everyone thought that the traditional American music gradually dying and losing popularity, it is now in the second decade of the twenty-first century, we can already say with certainty that the traditional American rhythms and string ensembles will live. One example could be the creativity `The Hackensaw Boys` Virginia : Founded in 1999, the band continues to play and develop. But who was it founded a group ? As it so happened, that changed about 20 musicians to join the band ? And there was a part of `The Hackensaw Boys` least someone of the founders of the group ?`The Hackensaw Boys` - popular American band formed in 1999 in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia). Despite the fact that the musicians completely refuse to attribute their creativity to one particular style, critics often characterize the work `The Hackensaw Boys` like americana ,but their compositions can also find items such styles as folk, bluegrass, country, folk rock and alternative rock. Over 15 years on the stage in a group of about 20 musicians changed, so that today a part of `The Hackensaw Boys` serves only one member of the original composition of the 1999-year - it is Sikmen David (David Sickmen), who for a time left the band in 2005, but returned in 2012. Group vyputila 6 studio albums and three mini- album.

Group `The Hackensaw Boys` was founded in 1999, the year in central Virginia in Charlottesville. The original members of the group were Ballington Rob (Rob Bullington), Pelosi, Tom (Tom Peloso), Sikmen David (David Sickmen) and Robert St. Urs (Robert `Bobby` St. Ours). Almost all the musicians knew each other from previous musical projects ,but the idea to create their own musical group came up with the musicians almost by accident : sitting in a small restaurant shortstop hit on his hands - and so was born `The Hackensaw Boys`, which for two decades successfully performed in the United States.

Over the next few months, the band traveled to the towns of Virginia ,and repetiruyapryamo playing in the streets, as the rental of the studio they had no money. In 2000, the group had new musicians, and a small team of `The Hackensaw Boys` turned into a whole orchestra of 12 musicians. It was such a composition, they embarked on their first tour in a small van with a trailer for naming `The Dirty Bird`. Of course,official tour to call it was impossible, because the musicians gave concerts bolshinsto in the streets or, if they were lucky, on the stages of small clubs and bars.

From the early years on the stage of `The Hackensaw Boys` established a reputation ` zhivoy` group as musicians believe that commercial success is not the main component of the music ,and live performances, ie the daily submission to new audiences, never ustupt place in the studio. Since the band did not try to drive yourself to the strict confines of one style, their sound changed every month : sometimes sound dominated by the strings, in another time attention switched to drums and bass. A special group has brought glory to the musical instrument called ` harizmo` (charismo): It consists of a complex design of the cans, scrap metal, old spoons and other completely unexpected details. The founder of it was Nyuhardt Justin (Justin `Salvage` Neuhardt), which, however, admitted several times ,that he doubts that he can play on an unusual hybrid, since each time it appears all the new elements, and while touring the old lost.

Despite this relaxed otosheniya to the musical process, participants `The Hackensaw Boys` quite successfully worked in the studio. The result of their work are 6 studio albums ,the last of which, `Till the sweet by and by`, released on the label ` Milkcow Records` in 2013, the year. The group also released a few mini - albums and videos to their songs. Today, the group continues to work and touring.

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The Hackensaw Boys picture
The Hackensaw Boys photo
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The Hackensaw Boys picture
The Hackensaw Boys picture
The Hackensaw Boys picture
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