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Year of birth: 1968

Age: 47 years

Place of birth: Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship: United States


The team, formed at the initiative of Frank Zappa, released only one album, but gained a cult reputation in the LosAngeles underground scene and has played a role in its development, in particular, influenced the formation of the image of Alice Cooper.

Rock band from Los Angeles,which included seven groups: Miss Pamela (Pamela Des Barres), Miss Sparky (Linda Sue Parker), Miss Lucy (Lucy Offerall), Miss Christine (Christine Frka), Miss Sandra (Sandra Leano), Miss Mercy and Miss Cinderella.

Most of the participants The GTOs were regulars community revolves around the Sunset Strip.Miss Pamela danced in the troupe Poulekisa Vito (Vito Paulekis) knew Miss Sparky the school in Cleveland. Miss Sandra arrived from San Pedro; a long time she lived with Pamela Frank Zappa in the basement of the cottage. Miss Christine worked as a nanny in Zappa (looking after her son and daughter Dvizilom Munyunit); later it took place,Pamela. Miss Mercy was a member of a hippie commune in the Haight-Ashbury. Miss Mercy and Miss Lucy was member of an alternative project BTOs - in the company of Mr. Bernardo c, Indian - bisexual. Miss Cinderella came to the group later, about her past is not known. Miss Christine (born in San Pedro, in the family vyhodtseviz Yugoslavia),in 1968-1969 he was a close friend of Alice Cooper, and there is reason to believe that the image of his group formed largely thanks to her and the other participating GTOs, who "dressed musicians like little girls dress dolls."

The original composition called The Laurel Canyon Ballet Company,but changed the name to The GTOs at the suggestion of Frank Zappa, his sponsor and producer. The group gave concerts infrequently, but made a strong impression on the audience, who saw it in 1968 in the Shrine Auditorium.Characteristic elements of the stage show of the ensemble were dancing, theatrical tricks and atonal singing defiantly.The only album, Permanent Damage, was released in 1969 (produced Lowell George tracks 7 and 11) on Straight Records and was recorded by Frank Zappa. Among those whose voices are heard in the studio dialogue, - Cynthia Plaster Caster and Rodney Bingenhaymer. In sozdanii material alyboma prinyali participation Louell George Dzheff Bek and DeyviJones. In 1989 godu Permanent Damage byl perevypushten of CD (Enigma Retro Records).

Pamela December Barre (sett Imya -. Enn Pamela Miller, genus 9 sentyabrya 1948 Goda.) Okazalasy edinstvennoy uchastnitsey GTOs, has become known after the collapse of the group - primarily due to the memoirs "I`m With The Band" (1987). In July 2007 ,it published a new book, "Let`s Spend the Night Together", a collection of interviews with well-known "group". In this book, it is clear that few of the participants GTOs alive. Miss Cinderella died in 2001 under mysterious circumstances. Miss Christine died on November 5, 1972 from an overdose in a hotel room.Miss Lucy died of AIDS in the early 90s. Sandra (some time - a friend of Calvin Schenkel, the artist collaborated with Zappa, from whom she had a child) He moved to Italy with her new husband and three children. Here she died of cancer April 23, 1991. Miss Sparky alive, but on its activities after the GTOs is not known

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