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Year of birth : 1995

Age: 20 years

Place of Birth : Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Citizenship : United States

Who made the emo popular culture?

If the word ` emo` you submitted long bangs and tearful teenagers, then you are likely toI never fall into the hands of a good emo music. In the style of emo hardcore hard early 1990s finds its second half - lyricism that makes music as ` sochnoy` riffs, and the texts. On the question of ` how it sounds emo ? ` Uniquely creative group can answer `The Get Up Kids`, formed the second wave of emo music ,in the mid-1990s.

`The Get Up Kids` - a popular American alternative and emo - rock band, founded in 1995, in Kansas City, Missouri (Kansas City, Missouri).Soon after the founding of the group became popular a few years became one of the main teams of the second wave of American emo - this is the period of many critics as the last highlight of the era of rock, as in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the vector of development of the music scene began change rapidly. In istoriigruppy can be divided into two periods : from 1995 to 2005 - th, when the band played in the original line-up ; the band reunited in 2008 after a three year sabbatical.

To date, the band `The Get Up Kids` continue to serve and work in the studio. In total, the group has recorded 5 albums ,the last of which - `There Are Rules` - was recorded after the reunification of the collective. The most successful work of the group, according to critics and fans yavlyaetsyaih second album `Something to Write Home About`, released in 1999, the year.

Despite the fact that the official founding date of `The Get Up Kids` considered to be October 14, 1995 - the first year ,the musicians began to play much earlier. Ryan Pope (Ryan Pope), Rob Pope (Rob Pope) and Jim Saptik (Jim Suptic) started playing in high school in `Kingpin` group. Another participant in the future `The Get Up Kids`, Matt Prior (Matt Pryor), writing songs since childhood and adolescence had already played in a band called ` Secret Decoder Ring`.With the collapse of both groups of musicians have decided to join forces and create something really cool. The original name of the group was to sound like `The Suburban Get Up Kids`, but after a dispute musicians decided to limit ourselves to the last part -` The Get Up Kids`.At first, the band gave a great number of local concerts and actively working on new material. Money to record `Shorty / Th

Breathing Method` musicians earned themselves but, fortunately, they quickly became popular in the surrounding states, so they soon managed to sign a contract with `Doghouse Records`.The work on the debut album was complicated by the fact that some members of the group are still in school, so that all the rehearsals and sessions were held after school. Nevertheless, the band pretty quickly recorded compositions included on the album `Four Minute Mile`, and in 1997 was released and the album itself, which made the emotiona group of Missouri one of the most famous young bands of the United States. Shortly after the album`s release the band was invited to join a big European tour group `Braid`.

The second album `Something to Write Home About`, released in 1999, was, according to many music critics and fans ,one of the most successful in the history of the group and emo music as a whole. Many even claimed that `Something to Write Hom

About` is the only ` nastoyaschim` emo album, on which style is expressed most strongly and clearly.

In 2002 and 2004, the group presented albums `On a Wire` and ` Guilt Show`, which received good reviews ,but still not become a cult.

In 2005, the band decided to take a break, which lasted about 3 years. Only in 2008, a group `The Get Up Kids` returned to the stage and continued to work. In 2011 came the last album to date - `There Are Rules`.

Early Works `The Get Up Kids` became a cult among musicians end of 1990and early 2000s. For example, many believe that it is `The Get Up Kids` emo transformed and made this strange music popular and accessible to all. Lead singer of the popular punk band `Blink-182` Mark Hoppus (Mark Hoppus) has repeatedly called ` The Get Up Kids` his favorite band and the main inspiration ; he even admitted ,that made the proposal to his wife, the song `I`ll Catch You`.

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