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Birthday : 27.11.1979 year

Age: 36 years

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Jason Teylor

Original name: Dzhejson Tejlor


Jason Taylor (a / k / a The Game) born November 27, 1979 in Compton, California, the birthplace of gangsta rap. Nickname Game (" play ") musician gave grandma, arguing ,grandson constantly in the game - from basketball and biking to music and games or streets.

Family problems related to rape sisters rapper by his father, forced to hold it in an orphanage from 3 to Grade 9. " My childhood was terrible, but it was a childhood at all on the outskirts ," - says Game. Before he could go home to his mother ,as one of his older brothers, Dzheyvon, he was killed. Then Jason started to drag behind another older brother named Big Fase 100, who had recently been admitted to the gang Cedar Block Piru Bloods.

Fase tried to keep his brother from the street life, but when he realized that it was useless, set out to teach the younger brother to survive on the outskirts. In 1999 his brother killed a senior receiver Game, Charles. During this period the Game really is addicted to " life outside the law " and the mother had to kick him out of the house.

In 2000, Jason and his brother are moving in the provincial town nearby and deploying large-scale drug trafficking. Their success in the district began to leak rumors. Eventually,October 1, 2001, Game became a victim of a robbery. The robbers broke into his house, leaving his body several gunshot wounds. " It was the biggest lesson of my life. Anyone who to shoot, but left alive, feels lucky. So now I can realize their dreams, " - confessed rapper.

Once in the hospital ,Game immediately asked his brother to buy him almost all the classics rap - from Ice Cube to Kool G Rap. Future Star thoroughly studied these albums, and in 2001 the Game for the first time put into practice their knowledge. "I zamiksoval all styles in one. That`s why people think I`m from the east coast, though I from the west. "After discharge from the hospital, Jason dying grandmother, and the summer of 2003 his first son is born. Now The Game says that the best moment in his life had a second when he saw the birth of their child. " These things make you rise to the next level. I`ve never been so happy. "In 2002, Game was signed to the label Dr. Dre. However, the first multi-platinum "Documentary" musician`s album was released only in early 2005. The album immediately became a bomb. Guest participation Cent`a 50 and Nate Dogg`a, as well as production and Kanye West`a Just Blaze,have done their job and the current time on the Game untwisted hardly yield Eminem`y or Lil` Jon`y. The CD listener will find a huge trail of memories of the history of rap music and a high-quality sound autobiographical stories. No wonder the rapper constantly says : "I gave everything I could to this album. "Shortly before the release of their debut album masterpiece rapper was accepted into the ranks of musical coalition another multiplatinum monster 50 Cent`a, all familiar by name G-Unit. This fact, however, did not prevent the 50 Cent and Game scandal on the basis of their creative altercation, which lasted about six months.

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