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Year of birth : 1976

Age: 39 years

Place of birth : Haledon, New Jersey, United States

Citizenship : United States


`The Feelies` rarely worked with the producers on the side and different from most punk bands and groups ` new volny` the late 1970s and early 1980s, particularly multigitarnym sound. The band often played music club `Maxwell`s`; place where live music sway ;and restaurants - bars in Hobokone (Hoboken) in the 1980s, often on national holidays.

Rock band `The Feelies` of Haledona, New Jersey (Haledon, New Jersey), was formed in 1976 and disbanded in 1992, releasing four albums. Musical Band reunited again in the year 2008. `The Feelies` rarely worked with the producers on the side and different from most punk bands and groups ` new volny` the late 1970s and early 1980s, particularly multigitarnym sound. The band often played music club `Maxwell`s`; place where live music sway ; and restaurants - bars in Hobokone (Hoboken) in 1980 ,often on national holidays.

While the rock band has never sold a large number of his records, his influence was felt in the indie rock scene. The first released album `The Feelies`,` Crazy Rhythms` (label `Stiff Records`, 1980 th) , a rock band called the album ` R.E.M.`, who had a great influence on her. The name `The Feelies` of the band was taken from the anti-utopian novel by Aldous Huxley (Aldous Huxley)` Brave New mir` (`Brave New World`). That was the name coined by the author of an entertainment device.

Glenn Mercer (Glenn Mercer), Bill zillion (Bill Million),Vekerman Dave (Dave Weckerman) and vocalist Richard Reilly (Richard Reilly) started playing together in 1976, in

Haledone, in a group called `Outkids`. `Outkids` soon evolved into a group of ` The Feelies`, when it added Vinnie Denuntsio (Vinny DeNunzio) and John J.. (John J.).

In 1978, the newspaper `The Village Voice` called ` The Feelies`,at that time getting around without a label, ` best underground band in New Yorke`, and a year later the band released their first single, `Fa Ce-La`, working with independent label ` Rough Trade Records`. His record also participated Fir Anton (Anton Fier) and Winnie `s brother, Keith Denuntsio (Keith DeNunzio).After the release of their debut album `Crazy Rhythms` 1980 Anton and Kate left the band. `The Feelies` in a state of uncertainty, and Mercer zillion and began to collaborate with musicians from New Jersey to form one of the branches of the group, which was called ` The Trypes`. In this group were some of the future members of `The Feelies`, suchSoter like Brenda (Brenda Sauter), Demeski Stanley (Stanley Demeski), and John Baumgartner (John Baumgartner), Francia Marc (Marc Francia) and Tony Paruta (Toni Paruta). Group `The Trypes` was more relaxed and less psychedelic than ` The Feelies`, giving concerts in New York and Hobokone.

In 1984, the label `Coyote` vypustilini album ` Trypes`,`The Explorers Hold`, which was produced by Mercer and zillion where three original songs have been collected. Also in EP track listing included a cover version of the song `Love You To` George Harrison (George Harrison), which originally appeared on the album ` Revolver` group `The Beatles`.Subsequently, some members of the group `Trypes` amassed ` Speed The Plough`.

Zillion, Mercer, Soter, and Demeski Baumgartner also gave concerts around New York and Hobokona, speaking in a group called `Yung Wu`. In 1968, the band released on the label `Coyote Records` only album -` Shore Leave`.Another side project `The Feelies` was a group of ` The Willies From Haledon` / `The Willies`, which mainly covers of content with doing their psychedelic (for example, the song ` Third Stone From the Sun` and `Sedan Delivery`).

Members `The Feelies` never stopped playing and cooperate with others. Musicians in the 1980s ,earning the title of ` most beloved rockers - andegraundschikov in New York late 1970s h`, according to Jon Pareles (Jon Pareles) from the newspaper `New York Times` in 1986.

In 1985, rock band, which has turned into a quintet consisting of Mercer, a zillion, Vekermana, Soter and Demeski, recorded the album `The Good Earth` Peter Buck (Peter Buck) from the group ` R.E.M.` as co-producer. Announced with ten original compositions was presented in 1986. Two years later, `The Feelies` signed to a major label ` A & M Records` and released the album `Only Life`. This work has become a favorite of critics and got to 27th place in the list of `Pazz & Jop` newspaper ` The Village Voice`,beating the album `Green` group ` R.E.M.`.

The band`s latest album, `Time for a Witness` (label ` A & M Records`), was released in 1991. A year later, the team broke up, and only in 2008, members of `The Feelies` reunited. In June 2009, the boys staged an acoustic show at the Whitney Museum (Whitney Museum).They also headlined a show in a public park in Chicago Millennium (Millennium Park, Chicago), and in September 2009, performed a live song from their album `Crazy Rhythms` in a series of concerts ` Don`t Look Back` (part of the music festival ` All Tomorrow`s Parties`).Independent label `Bar / None Records` reissued albums ` Crazy Rhythms` and `The Good Earth` September 8 th 2009, while the label ` Domino Records` reissued the same releases outside of the United States and Canada (Canada)

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