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Year of birth : 1980

Age: 35 years

Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship : United States

The first punk rock band Chicago

Love Chicago classic rock and blues may well result in books and encyclopedias whole, because in 1980 the city became the last bastion of style, while the United States were literally covered by punk rock. Musicians `The Effigies` call themselves ` the first punk rockers Chikago` as neither to them nor for a few years after the founding of the group on the urban scene did not appear any similar group. But how justified is the proud title ? How to develop the creativity of the group? And why `The Effigies` not stand on a par with ` The Ramones` and `The Sex Pistols`?

`The Effigies` - popular American punk rock and hardcore band formed in 1980 in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois). According to many critics and musicians themselves ,the group became the first punk rock group Chicago, since even after the release of the first punk rock albums of the city is not accepted within a new and completely ignored him. Only with the advent and popularity of `The Effigies` some clubs have begun to pay attention to the direction originated ; by mid- 1980x was in Chicago for several punk rock clubs, where new teams were almost daily. In total, there was a group of 10 years, during which the band released five studio albums, several mini - albums and singles recorded on the labels `Ruthless Records` and ` Enigma Records

`. The band changed frequently ,but the only original member of the band was John Kezdi (John Kezdy), who was the author of most songs.

Group `The Effigies` became, in spite of the superiority of the music scene of the city, a representative of the so-called second wave of Chicago punk rock : in the first wave in a city not a single group ,and only it was established fan base, who lived on the records of groups such as `The Ramones` and ` The Sex Pistols`. As critics say, `The Effigies` role in the development of style is difficult to overestimate : first, they were one of the first groups in the region, which not only continued to play ` syroy` punk rock in its most primitive form,but tried a variety of styles with new elements and sound. For many critics even believe that `Te Effigies` created the so-called ` Chicago punk rok` that lives to this day ; others, by contrast, include `The Effigies` among the ancestors of the American hardcore ,which in later years became very popular not only in the United States, but around the world.

In 1981, the group presented its first mini-album `Haunted Town`, which is popular among urban youth ; three years `The Effigies` released their first studio album, ` For Ever Grounded`. Admittedly ,that the history of the first punk rock group Chicago knew many failures : thus, for example, directly during the national tour of 1986, some band members have decided to establish a new, more commercially successful project `Machines in Motion`, thereby disorganized ` The Effigies`. Only cherezod John Kezdi managed to gather musicians to continue working ;over the next three years were recorded several singles and an album `Remains Nonviewable`.

In 1990, the band announced decay. Kezdi ended his musical career and began working as a lawyer, the other musicians went their own way. In 1992, the group gathered for a few shows together, and in 1996-m - to record a live album, released on `VML Records`.

In 2010, the band had to perform at the festival, dedicated to the development of punk rock in the city, but a few weeks before the show withdrew its bid due to problems with the composition.

Excerpts early concerts group appeared in the documentary film `You Weren`t There` 2007-the year of the Chicago music scene from 1977 to 1984

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