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Year of birth : 1953

Age: 62 year

Citizenship : United States


According to materials of the music magazine `Rolling Stones`,` The Drifters` - the most unstable musical group of all time - in total in its history it has been replaced 60 different singers.

`The Drifters` - American artist, who worked in the styles do OPs and R & B. The peak of popularity of the team took place in the period from 1953 to 1962 - th ;of the musicians, however, continue to perform to this day. Initially `The Drifters` had to work as a kind of accompaniment MakFettera Clyde (Clyde McPhatter); in the future, however, they have grown into a single team. According to materials of the music magazine `Rolling Stones`,`The Drifters` - the most unstable musical group of all time - in total in its history have been replaced 60 different singers. The confusion in the calculations makes the fact that some former members of the original line-up later formed their own group ; anyway,best known for the moment two versions of `The Drifters` -` originalnaya` created Clyde MakFetterom and awarded a place in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame (Vocal Group Hall of Fame) and ` treduellovskaya` created by producer George Treadwell (George Treadwell) and includes its membership Ben King (Ben E. King). King, by the way ,in the future, too, we managed to get into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame - the truth, apart from `The Drifters`. Despite the constant line-up changes, `The Drifters` always managed their creativity to create new fashion trends ; the most popular of their works are now considered true classic of its time. Professional recording Clyde MakFetter engaged in 1950 - when he was the lead tenor in the team `Billy Ward and His Dominoes`. Three years later he left Billy Ward and began thinking about a solo career ; after some time he was contacted by Ahmet Ertegun (Ahmet Ertegun) of the `Atlantic Records`.It is suggested that Clyde Ahmet create your own group - so light and appeared `The Drifters`. MakFetter planned to play fusion of gospel and pop songs ; four of the five performers of the first composition he found in the old church choir. they are written, however, only four songs - quite quickly Amet decidedthat this option will not work and suggested Clyde gain new membership.

At the second attempt succeeded Clyde as much more. In September 1953, it was published the first major hit group, `Money Honey`.

The composition of the group changed several times ; inter alia,group left the bassist Willie Furby (Willie Ferbee) and guitarist Walter Adams (Walter Adams). `The Drifters` released several more hits -` Such A Night`, `Honey Love`,` Bip Bam`, `White Christmas` and ` What`cha Gonna Do`. In May 1954, the group broke up its founder - Makfetter ; from that moment began a new stage in the history of `The Drifters`.

Leaving,Clyde demanded a significant portion of group income; he resold its stake manager and former jazzman George Treadwell. Again began reshuffle ; the team came more and more musicians. Unfortunately, the old glory of the group persistently get round. The pay musicians a little, so that all over-less decent performers thought it best to

The Drifters` leave. Finally, tired of Treadwell so hopeless project - in May of 1958 after a scandal, he dismissed the whole group. The rights to the name were in his hands ; musicians left the group earlier, however, were convinced that they have a right to part of the reputation of `The Drifters`.They founded a number of subsidiary groups; Some even managed to achieve some success. In the summer of 1958, George returned to the team for life - called `New Drifters`; new frontman became Ben Nelson (Ben Nelson), better known under the pseudonym Ben E. King. Under his group has found a second wind ; however, King soon went into a solo project. The group, however, was able to go through it - later they were released hits such as `This Magic Moment` and ` Save the Last Dance for Me`. Determining the success of `The Drifters` enjoyed under the Lewis Rudy (Rudy Lewis); after his death, a group headed by John Moore (Johnny Moore). Moore himself died in 1998 ; `The Drifters`, however,and could make it

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