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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 years

Place of Birth : Portland, Oregon, USA

Citizenship : United States

Rise of the indie -folk in AmericaIndie rock, used to be the only independent music suddenly began to flourish in the early 2000s, and the number of groups grew on the eyes. Some took as the basis of post- rock, while others began to promote a mixture of indie rock and electronics, but perhaps the most successful experiment today is indie - folk,who borrowed a slight sound of indie rock, melodic folk music and country music lyrics. Today `The Decemberists` are among the most prominent representatives of the style : their sound mix electronic guitar, accordion, bass, organ and a number of other instruments, all of which can not even remember the musicians themselves. American indie rock and indie folk band from Portland, Oregon (Portland, Oregon), founded in the year 2001. For more than 10 years the musicians have gone from playing small clubs to performances headlining at major festivals around the world.

`The Decemberists` Group was founded in 2000, in Portland, Oregon ,Melo Colin (Colin Meloy). As often happens, for a musician it was not the first project : tired of working with the last group in Montana (Montana), he moved to Porltend, where he quickly became acquainted with the Cuero Nate (Nate Query) and Jenny Conley (Jenny Conlee). Interestingly, the first collaborative work was not a song, but a silent film. Soon the trio joined longtime friend Colin, Chris Funk (Chris Funk), and then John Moen (John Moen). The name of the group - `The Decemberists` - coined Colin, naming it in honor of the Decembrist uprising in 1825, the year, an event that, according to the musician, was an attempt of the communist revolution.

The first joint work was the mini-album ` 5 Songs`,which was released independently in 2001, the year. Record, which, according to the musicians, they took less than two hours, laid the foundation for their sound performance and Mayer songs, which was later borrowed by many other artists.

The debut full-length album, recorded on the label `Hush Records`, became ` Castaways and Cutouts`,which was later re-released on the label `Kill Rock Stars` in the year 2003. Shortly thereafter, in early September of 2003, the group submitted a second studio album, `Her Majesty the Decemberists`.

Gradually gaining popularity, the band began to tour the US (United States), speaking as the recitals ,and together with other groups and performers. In 2005, the year the group had stolen a truck with all the equipment and tools. Deciding that it is the end of a career, the band suddenly found support in the face of the fans, who have offered to help the musicians ; so soon after the auction sale of the disc `eBay` ` Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey` was founded ,where the vocalist sang the best songs of the legendary Steve Morrissey (Steven Morrissey), vocalist and one of the founders of `The Smiths`.

As often happens in life, to replace the black band comes a white - and a few months after the theft of equipment the band signed a contract with `Capitol Recors`. Their first album -`The Crane Wife`, - recorded on a new label, has been recognized by ` Best album of 2006 goda` according to National Public Radio.

Ever since the band`s popularity only grew : they gradually started to play not only in America, but to travel for a variety of countries. Their following albums - `The Hazards of Love` and ` The King Is Dead` -We received positive reviews from critics and fans. Interestingly, with the growing popularity of the band did not change his style and way of life, on the contrary, a large part of the money donated to charity and help the sick. In 2011, the band announcedJenny Conley was diagnosed with breast cancer and will be forced to miss most of the performances. Just a few days after the start of the `Team Jenny` campaign for Jenny, the required amount has been collected for the fans of treatment.

To date, the band continues to write new songs and giving concerts ,which are famous not only in music, but the participation of the fans in a statement. Often during intermission musicians play prizes among the fans and give autographs or invited on stage, giving a chance for a song to share with them the scene.

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