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Year of birth : 1956

Age: 59 yearsPlace of Birth : Lubbock, Texas, USA

Citizenship : United States

The group, which is inspired by "Beatles"

`The Crickets` - American group of Lubbock, Texas (Lubbock, Texas); It was founded in the 50`s Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly) and specialized in rock and roll. In many respects, `The Crickets` laid the foundations of rock as a genre ,affecting the future of such groups as `Beatles`; famous for its distinctive approach to playing music and a habit to write their own material on their own.

About `The Beatles` Now everyone knows ; Buddy Holly`s name is also known to very many. Not so many people know about the group, which Holly once created ,which is largely determined by the shape of itself `The Beatles` and which has managed to survive its founder nearly half a century.

To work on demos in the company of his fellow musicians Holly started back in 1954 ; among other things, worked with him

Sonny Curtis (Sonny Curtis), Jerry Allison (Jerry Allison) and Larry Uelborn (Larry Welborn). In 1956, Holly ,The number at the time in the team `Buddy and the Two Tones` together c Curtis and Don Hess (Don Guess), recorded a rockabilly album in Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville, Tennessee); with little success, however, the album was not conceived, although quite a failure to call him was difficult. Holly dovdilos already recorded under his own name with one of the record labels ; to avoid the problems of a legal sense, it is necessary to come up with Buddy the new name to the group. As stated later, members of the group, they first thought about the title ` ptichego` wing (which was quite fashionable at the time the decision) . Later, from birds Buddy and his friends went to insects ; about a group of `The Crickets` from the Bronx (Bronx), by the way, they are at the time knew almost nothing. It is known that at a certain stage of Holly and his friends were seriously considered to be called `Beetles`; also it considered that `Beatles` chose its name from a kind of hint of ` The Crickets`.Lead guitarist and vocalist `The Crickets` was Buddy Holly, drummer - Jerry Allison (Jerry Allison), the bass in the band was playing Joe Mauldin (Joe B. Mauldn), and rhythm guitar Niki Sullivan (Niki Sullivan). Sullivan in the group lasted just over a year and then decided to return to school ;turned into a trio `The Crickets` continued to perform at concerts and even on television. Songs they recorded a lot, and these have been written by them for the most part of the song.

In 1957, Norman Petty (Norman Petty) arranged for `The Crickets` series of records ; sold these records, that is interesting, under different names. Solo compositions were named ` Buddy Holli` songs with backing vocals is sold as a product of ` The Crickets`. Petty suggested (not without reason) that the DJs would not want to lean heavily on the works of one artist, but two different teams will receive the total airtime in bulk.

In 1958-Holly m distance with Petty and moved to New York (New York), in order to concentrate on the activities of the producer and recording. Allison and Mauldin did not follow him, he returned to Lubbock ; Holly continued to record under his own name in the company Ollsapa Tommy (Tommy Allsup) and Carl Bunch (Carl Bunch).Some time with Holly collaborated Waylon Jennings (Waylon Jennings). Allison and Mauldin patiently waited for opportunities to reunite with Holly, parallel to working with Curtis on new songs for `The Crickets`. In the course of the musicians received terrible news - their friend and colleague was killed in a plane crash. The death of Holly `s death did not become the group as a whole; acted `The Crickets` further. The new lead singer of Boxing was David (David Box), a native of Lubbock, and almost complete copy of the voice

Buddy Holly. In a cruel twist of fate, 23 October 1964 Boxing, who by that time an independent musician, was also killed in the crash.

In 2004-m `The Crickets` released a new album, which included a whole collection of classic works. The work on the album took a whole galaxy of artists participate fairly high rank. Allison and Mauldin Curtis touring to this day.

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