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Year of birth : 1976

Age: 39 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

founders psychobillyAmerican punk rock band formed in 1976 and acts until 2009. The band broke up after the death of lead singer Lux Interiora (Lux Interior), who died of a heart attack in February 2009. The band has changed several times ,and the only permanent members of `The Cramps` always remained marital and creative duo - singer Lux Interior and Poison Ivy guitarist (Poison Ivy). In the first of the group in April 1976, also included guitarist Bryan Gregory (Bryan Gregory) and drummer Pam Bell (Pam Ballam), his sister.

`The Cramps` were part of the early punkrock movement that emerged in New York City (New York), their work has had an impact on a number of musical styles. They were not only one of the first garage punk bands - `The Cramps` considered one of the pioneers of psychobilly, inspired many early goth rock band.

Their music - this is, basically, rockabilly ,played at different rates with minimal drum kit. An integral part of the sound `The Cramps` were two guitars, heavy and light, without a bass player. The band`s songs featured lyrical content, and cover plates for the group were drawn in the spirit of old-fashioned horror and fantasy films. At the sound of `The Cramps` greatly influenced early rockabilly, rhythm and blues and rock and roll in the spirit of Ray Link (Link Wray) and Hasil Adkins (Hasil Adkins), surf rock and garage rock 60s and as post - glam and early punk band. In addition, their music can be traced some effect `Ramones` and Screamin `Jay Hawkins (Screamin` Jay Hawkins).In turn, `The Cramps` influenced countless groups in the sub-genres of garage rock, punk and rockabilly, in an era of renewed interest in the music, and the bands playing in the genre of psychobilly. It is believed that `The Cramps` first introduced the term ` saykobilli` into use, although Lux Interior insistedhe does not describe their own music style.

Lux Interior and Poison Ivy met in Sacramento, California (Sacramento, California), in 1972. Finding that their tastes and interests coincide, they decided to form a band, which became `The Cramps`. Suite borrowed his nickname with car advertising, Ivey said ,I saw her in a dream. In 1975 they moved to New York and soon joined the early punk movement. In 1976, the first of the group was finally formed, but for the year drummers `The Cramps` changed twice. At the end of the 70 `The Cramps` some time shared space for rehearsals with ` The Fleshtones` and regularly performed in NewYork clubs like the legendary `CBGB` and ` Max`s Kansas City`. They released two independent singles in `Ardent Studios` in Memphis (Memphis) and signed a contract with the young label ` I.R.S. Records` Miles Copeland III (Miles Copeland III).

In June, 1978-first they gave a free concert for the mental hospital patients in the Californian Napa (Napa), recorded on video, and later released as a `Live at Napa State Mental Hospital`. Returning to the east coast, they again played in clubs ,released two more singles and the first full album `Songs The Lord Taught Us` on ` Phillips Recording`, and in 1980 `The Cramps` moved to Los Angeles (Los Angeles) and hired guitarist Kid Congo Powers (Kid Congo Powers) from` The Gun Club`. While working on the second album, `Psychedelic Jungle`,`The Cramps` and Miles Copeland began hearing about the fees and the rights to the song, and the court has forbidden musicians release new singles and albums until 1983, when the band recorded a live concert ` Smell of Female`. In 1984 it took place a long European tour `The Cramps`, who twice frustrated ,because they could not find a suitable guitarist - they eventually became Metoff Mike (Mike Metoff) from `The Pagans`, cousin Nick Knox (Nick Knox); later released a collection of `Bad Music for Bad People`.

From 1986 to 2003, `The Cramps` released six albums (the last one ,` Fiends of Dope Island` in 2003 `Vengeance`),debuted on national television in 1994, and a few of the songs were in the soundtracks of TV series and movies.

Death Lux 4 February 2009 resulted in the disintegration of the group.

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