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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Place of Birth : Orange County, California, United States

Citizenship : United States


Rock-`Aquabats` group was founded in 1994, in Orange County, California (Orange County, California). She has 5 full-length studio albums and touring all over the world.

Particular attention `Aquabats` drew his mythology, according to which the members of the group - the real superheroes with Akvabaniya Islands (Aquabania),saving the world from evil forces with the help of music. Each participant took a pseudonym and stage attire. In the group of eclectic concerts often take place ` srazheniya` with costumed enemies, and from time to time ` Aquabats` reviewing its pre-history (due to the change of the composition) , adding to their list of allies and enemies. Vocalist Christian Jacobs (Christian Jacobs), bassist Chad Larson (Chad Larson) and trumpeter Terry Boyd (Boyd Terry) became friends when visiting the same Mormon church. The trio attracted other participants ; guys rehearsing in the garage and, ultimately, under the inspiration of kitchevo-futuristic image of groups of `Devo` bought wetsuits brother Terry in the shop to have to do a superhero outfit.

For the first time your friends to play at a party in August 1994, just for fun, to have fun, like Larson admitted. When the group appeared younger brother Jacobs, Parker (Parker),They were invented aliases and began style formation, stubborn roots in surf- rock, punk rock, pop and ska.

Of particular influence on the sound of `Aquabats` group had ` Oingo Boingo`, `Devo`,` Madness` and `The Skatalites`.

The first album, `The Return of the Aquabats`, was released in 1995. It was originally intended as a demo ,but the growing demand in the group resulted in a full-length release. Songs `Playdough`,` Martian Girl`, `Idiot Box` and ` CD Repo Man` with records in the next few years were a major `Aquabats` repertoire in concerts.

At the beginning of 1996, there were changes in the composition ; A contract was signed with the label `Goldenvoice`,and `The Fury of the Aquabats!` was an album. Songs `Cat With 2 Heads!` And `Super Rad!` Hymns became the new group, and significantly expanded its circle of fans.

In 1999, guys, this time with drummer Gabe Palmer (Gabe Palmer) instead Travis Barker (Travis Barker), presented `The Aquabats vs. the Floating Eye of Death! `,and Christian Jacobs added to his scenic image MC Bat Commander mustache and ` lishilsya` front tooth.

After compiling the exit `Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2` hardly made itself felt for several years, in 2000, the year the group. When from the left trumpeter Terry, future rock musicians hanging by a thread ,but with the advent of a new drummer Richard Falomira (Ricky Falomir) it was decided not to set point in the history of `Aquabats`.

In 2003, they released their first DVD, `Serious Awesomeness!`, And a year later the guys for their money from afar mignon `Yo! Check Out This Ride! `.

In 2005, the band signed with the label `Nitro Records` and released the album ` Charge !! `That in June 2006, it was re-released with bonus tracks. Finally, January 18, 2011 the first superheroes with ` Akvabaniya` island presented a new work, the album ` Hi-Five Soup! `, The main single from which ,` The Shark Fighter! `, Was released a month earlier.

The official fan club group `Aquacadets` opens its participants, ` akvakadetam`, access to exclusive products ,as well as a special message addressed exclusively devoted fans `Aquabats`. Previously, every few years the group held rallies fans ` summits kadetov` accompanied by games, entertainment, autographs and prizes and ` zhivymi` performances. Ardent fans of `Aquabats` organized their own groups ,eg `Piratebats` and ` Ninjabats`, have come up with special outfits and all the forces supporting group

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