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Year of birth : 1991

Age: 24 year

Birthplace : Denver, Colorado, USA

Citizenship : United States

Psychedelic Robert Schneider

`The Apples in Stereo` largely owes its existence to the lead singer, guitarist and producer Robert Schneider (Robert Schneider),who writes most of the music and songs of the material. How many full length on account of `The Apples in Stereo`? What connects the group with the animated series ` Steep devchonki` ? And what ` capsule vremeni` participants in store ` The Apples in Stereo` for future students ?At present, the `The Apples in Stereo` includes its long-standing participants John Hill (John Hill) and Eric Allen (Eric Allen), later - John Ferguson (John Ferguson) and John Dafilho (John Dufilho), as well as the touring party group, Ben Phelan (Ben Phelan).

Officially `The Apples in Stereo` appeared in 1991. When Schneider was staying in Athens ,Georgia (Athens, Georgia), where he recorded music and spending time with childhood friends, had the idea to create his own label and his group. In the name of `The Apples` friends pushed the song ` Apples and Oranges` group `Pink Floyd`. From February to April 1993, the band recorded their first mini-album, `Tidal Wave`.The game in the group, Chris Parfitt (Chris Parfitt) left at the beginning of 1994, and the rhythm guitar was replaced by John Hill. During this period, Schneider began to show itself as a creative leader

The Apples`. First, preparing the output of the first full-length album, but instead it went the second EP. At the beginning of 1995-th group yet completed its full length, titled `Fun Trick Noisemaker`.

Over time, a group `The Apples` turned into ` The Apples in Stereo`. The second plate, `Tone Soul Evolution`, first strained the group members who were dissatisfied with the quality of the recording. Most of the tracks were perzapisany in Hartford ,Connecticut (Hartford, Connecticut), before the release of the album. At a later stage the existence of `The Apples in Stereo` sometimes gave 100 concerts annually, continued to release albums and moved to the side of psychedelic pop.

Participants `The Apples in Stereo` time to engage in side projects and build a solo career. Schneider and drummer Hilarie Sidney (Hilarie Sidney) at that time ye were married, and in 2000 the couple had a son, Max. However, their relationship became final divorce. After the release of the album `Her Wallpaper Reverie`,` The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone` and `Velocity of Sound`, in August 2006-of Sidney officially announced his retirement from `The Apples in Stereo`. Her place was taken by John Dafilho.

February 6, 2007 - the first came sixth album, `New Magnetic Wonder`, and another full-length work ,` Travellrs in Space and Time`, forced herself to wait until April of 2010. Schneider described the `Travellers in Space and Time` as` retrofuturisticheskiy` concept album, a kind of ` vremeni` capsule, stored up for the audience of the future. In May 2012, the Schneider announced that `The Apples in Stereo` start work on a new ` very, very dramatically otlichayuschimsya` from the album.Team `The Apples in Stereo` zsvoe well-known appearance in the music video for the animated television series The Powerpuff devchonki` ` (`Powerpuff Girls`). The group performed the song `Signal in the Sky (Let`s Go)` in the fourth season, in the episode `Superfriends`. In general, `The Apples in Stereo` famous for its frequent flickering in films and on television. The band performed in the TV series ` Kolberta` Report (` The Colbert Report`), ` Late talk show Night with Conan O`Brayenom` (` Late Night with Conan O`Brien`) and ` Call with Carson posleny Deyli` (` Last Call with Carson Daly`).

The sound of `The Apples in Stereo` generates stable association with rock prihodelicheskim ` The Beatles` and `The Beach Boys` 1960 ,as well as groups such as `Electric Light Orchestra` and ` Pavement`. In addition, `The Apples in Stereo` not hesitate garage rock, experimental music, punk, power -pop, electropop, rhythm & blues and practices lo-fi.

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