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Year of birth : 2003

Age: 12 years

Place of birth : Falls Church, Virginia, United States

Citizenship : United States

Folk rock from the east coast

`Thao and The Get Down Stay Down` - American alternative and indie -folk band formed in 2003 in the city of Falls Church ,Virginia (Falls Church, Virginia), and later moved to San Francisco, California (San Francisco, California) - Center for Development of folk music in the United States (United States).

Founded in 2003, the American with roots Vietnamese Nguyen Thao (Thao Nguyen) `Thao and The Get Down Stay Down`,Today is one of the most famous indie - folk band America, although many critics argue that the style of the musicians more inclined to the classical folk, some were soaked 1960 and which, thanks to its scope and popularity managed to raise the most famous wave of musical youth pilgrimage for all United States history.Despite the fact that the days completely gone, and once stood for free love boys and girls began caring and too fearful parents, the genre is not dead, but for some time - almost three decades of the 20th century - was quiet and lived, It appears only in California. Only recently, when the American rock musicscene almost without a fight, surrendered to indie rock, along with a lot of indie bands have appeared quite numerous folk groups, among which was

Thao and The Get Down Stay Down`.

To Tao, the author of most of the songs and vocalist, teamwork has become a way to talk about your own music - the onethat accumulate in the soul from the moment of its birth; Maybe it is difficult to determine a single genre, and some songs are only the consequences of teenage angst and anxiety, but it is that kind of music, as shown by the success of `Thao and The Get Down Stay Down`, like the American audience ,because it can be heard not only the undisputed talent of the musicians, but their true feelings, brings them closer to the world of ordinary people, which is inhabited by their fans.

Group `Thao and The Get Down Stay Down` was founded in 2003, in Falls Church, Virginia, but met a few musicians before. Thao Nguyen and Willis Thompson (Willis Thompson),future drummer, and at that time member of `The Light Footwork`, met in Falls Church and quickly found a common interest. Both were maimed music and immediately began to think about creating a common group ;around the same time, they met with Adam Thompson (Adam Thompson) during his speech under the pseudonym The OK Bird in a small coffee shop. Interestingly, the names of Adam and Willis are identical, although the musicians are not in a relationship. It is this part of a group `Thao and The Get Down Stay Down` and started their rehearsals. Quickly musicians wrote songs first, and two years later, during which time the group toured and performed in his home state, the participants presented their first album - `Like the Linen`. record producer became Frank Stewart (Frank Stewart), formerly member of the `Durian`,after recording with `Thao and The Get Down Stay Down` become a guitarist. Only a year later the band released the album `Daytrotter Sessions`, but first success was the album of the year 2008 -` We Brave Bee Stings And All`. This work was the result of cooperation with other gruppamii was recorded largely thanks to the help of other musicians. `We Brave Bee Stings and All` received critical acclaim and enjoyed success among the audience. Thus, the criticism `Pitchfork Media` rated it 7.7 out of 10, but according to emusic.com album was even included in the list of the top 10 albums of the year.

After the success of the Tao together in other musicians he moved to San Francisco, California.In the same year the band toured twice with the other musicians, Alethea the year 2008 went to independent solo tour. In 2009, the group introduced the first record from the west coast - `Know Better Learn Faster`, - however, in the opinion of critics ,work was too ` syroy` and hardly approached the group after the success of the previous album.

In 2013, after many months in the studio, the musicians presented the last to date album - `We the Common`. In the same year the band released a mini-album `The Feeling Kind`

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