Picture of Terrorizer

Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


Not many can count bands that defined by their debut album, the canons of a new genre, then dissolved into nothingness. One of these groups is the American grindkor - gang "Terrorizer". Although the place was the team base of Los Angeles, the two most well-known of its participants - people from the Florida underground scene.

The first part of "Terrorizer", formed in the late `80s, consisted of three men and included vocalist Oscar Garcia ,guitarist Jesse Pintado and drummer Pete Sandoval. If Garcia not earlier engaged in " extreme " (he played in the mediocre team "Majesty"), then Pintado has already shown interest in this genre, and exchanging films with Mick Harris of "Napalm death".

However, the most clockwork of the trio was Pete Sandoval ,and that is what led to the high-speed impact "Terrorizer" one of the first American grindkorovyh formations. But the Birmingham - LA friendship later gave a powerful impetus to the development of this genre in the world.

Terrorizer: Jesse PintadoV During 1987 and 1988 the group gave concerts regularly ,all of which are generally held at one of the local sites under the name "Hoover Park". Especially famous musician is not brought, and maybe they would have failed to break out of the local scene, if, in the end, did not bother to record a demo "World downfall". Jess memory of old film sent Mick HarrisWell, who in turn showed it to the representatives of "Earache records". The label has reacted immediately and a contract with the "Terrorizer" was quickly signed. In 1989, the band went to prepare his first album in Florida. Musicians were in Tampa, in "Morrisound recording" studiowhere parallel working on their debut album "Morbid angel".

" Angels " summoned Sandoval and to somehow compensate for the inconvenience caused " Terrorayzeru " distraction drummer allocated to help them bassist David Vincent. Incidentally Vincent acted not only as chetyrehstrunschika, but also as a producer ,dividing this duty with Scott Burns.

Terrorizer: Pete SandovalObrazovavshiysya quartet rehearsed a couple of days, and recorded and mixed the album in the next two days, later became legendary. In September 1989 "World downfall" was published, causing a storm of enthusiasm among the extremely metal -minded brethren. Pete Sandoval on the album surpassed himself and pounded the drums with otherworldly speed, without using any studio tricks. His stunning work on "World downfall" is still considered one of the fastest in the genre grindkor.

The only album "Terrorizer" for a long time, set the style standard,in the manner of followers by providing legendary status with the group. Unfortunately in November 1989, the team disbanded. Sandoval and Vincent continued to work in the "Morbid angel", Pintado joined the ranks of "Napalm death", while Garcia started a new project called "Nausea".

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