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Pimp Killer

The capital of the German Empire in the middle of June 1904 shocked to hear about the mysterious death of nine-year old schoolgirl Lucy Berlin. The search for the child killer has become the most sensational criminal case the year.

When the girl`s body to inspect the doctor stated that there was a very violent sexual crimes, politsayprezident ordered to solve the case "would be at all costs." He knew that such a crime if their victims are children, have always attracted the very strong public reaction, ready at any time to an emotional explosion. Besides thirsty sensations press were on alert.

It all started with-that scavenger Teske and his henchman Barthold, which is responsible for daily cleaning of a certain area of ??the river, about 8 hours in the area noticed the Reichstag in the water with a rope tied bundle of gray wrapping paper with blood stains. The paper was wrapped deprived of the head and limbs girl`s body ten or eleven years already clearly discernible feeding. Clothes on the girl was not, and even the most inexperienced person would have realized that he was dealing with a victim of crime. Startled scavenger, considering the discovery, noted that the lower part of the body wrapped in a bra and reddish woolen petticoat.

In less than twenty minutes to the place of terrible discovery on the banks of the Spree was approached by several crews. From them came not only on duty at the time commissioners Vannovsky, Wen and the court physician Dr. Schultz, but politsayprezident Berlin von Borries, the chief of the Berlin criminal police oberregirungsrat Diteritsi and regirungsassessor Dr. Lindenau.

It was then that von Borries and ordered "to solve the crime" in that whatever the cost "."

Several minutes later, it became known that the day on June 9 in Berlin`s northern district disappeared nine years old, the disclosure of which coincided with the signs of the detected body. Missing girl named Lucy Berlin. She was the youngest daughter of a tobacco factory worker Frederick Berlin, which was immediately sent police to identify.

Friedrich Berlin, identified his daughter by a scar below the breast, exclaimed: "Oh, Lucy!" - And she fainted. The next day, this was already written in the newspapers.

Von Borries employee immediately dictated an appeal to the population of the criminal police, which immediately appeared in all the newspapers and on the columns for billboards and ads:

"Award 1000 marks! This morning, 7 hours and 45 minutes, in front of the house