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Year of birth : 1973

Age: 42 year

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


"Television" was one of the most productive groups that have grown on the New York punk scene. Guitarists Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd were great lovers of jam and abandoned the established rock structures in favor of improvisation. They skillfully blended blues with raw energy of garage rock, weaving back solo jazz guitar- line.

Music "Television" has had a significant influence on many bands post-punk era of the late 70- the middle of the 80s. The very same team was formed in the early seventies, and it was called then "Neon boys". It included Tom Verlaine (guitar, vocals), drummer Billy Fikka and bassist Richard Hell. In late 1973, the band, adding to the rhythm guitarist Richard Lloyd, changed its name to "Television".That same year, the boys gave their first concert in New York "Townhouse theater" and began to earn his popularity in the underground circles. Known for their slowly grew and soon Verlaine took part in a single, Patti Smith recording "Hey Joe" / "Piss Factory".TelevisionSvoyu first demo "Television" with the participation of Brian Eno recorded in 1975 for the "Island Records", hesitate to take the group under his wing or not. Shortly after this event, the gang dumped Hell, who founded "

Heartbreakers " with Johnny Sanders (ex- " New York dolls "), and then took the release solo albums. His replacement Hella was taken by a new bassist, Fred Smith (ex- "Blondie"). With him, the band recorded "Little Johnny Jewel", releasing it on his own label, "Ork". Record audience received great recognition and attracted the attention of record companies. In 1976, the British label "Stiff Records" released the "Television" mini-album ,after which the group signed a contract with "Elektra Records" and began recording their debut album.

"Marquee Moon" was born in early 1977 and was very well received by critics, particularly British. In England, he took 28 th place in the charts, and the singles "Prove It" and "Foxhole" hit the Top 40.

Television, Tom VerlaineAfter that the band went on tour as support to "Blondie", but it is not particularly increased its popularity. The next album, "Adenture", released in the spring of 1978. In America, though he sold better than its predecessor, but was never able to get into the charts, but in the UK was in the top ten. A month later, after the release of "Adventure" group suddenly disbanded. The reason for this became the friction between the two guitarists. As a result, Smith returned to "Blondie", and Verlaine and Lloyd pursued solo work. Almost fourteen years after its collapse "Television" and reunited on "Capitol Records" released a self-titled album. Revived team attended a summer rock festival in the English town of Glastonbury. The album had a good success of the same, as well as the subsequent tour, but the team did not last long, and in early 1993, collapsed again.

Eight years later, in 2001, the band once again got together and organized a British tour ,and also took part in the "Noise Pop Festival" in Chicago.

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