Ted Bundy

Picture of Ted Bundy

Date of Birth: 11/24/1946

Age: 42

Place of birth: Birlingston

Citizenship: United States


Murderous BEAUTIFUL ...

Theodore Bundy was born in the house single mothers 24 November 1946. Place of birth - Burlington, Vermont. His mother belonged to a respected and wealthy Philadelphia family. Ted was born as a result of her violent, but short-lived love with a soldier who had returned from Europe after World War II.

Nearly four years young single woman lived with her son in her parents` house, subjected to humiliation and recriminations. In 1949, she moved to Tacoma, located 60 kilometers south of Seattle.

In Tacoma, Ted has found a new home. In 1951, his mother married. From her marriage with John Bundy - stunted, dull and sluggish by nature a cook who worked in a military hospital, came four more children, Ted, adopted by his stepfather, got along well with his brothers and sisters.

- He was always a good boy, - confidently declared his mother a journalist who took her an interview immediately after the arrest of his son. - In school, he learned better than others. In our family, no one understands how he could be implicated in the killings. And all those who know and Ted, do not believe that he was capable of it. Even psychiatrists believe that my boy is absolutely normal.

The only thing that it always wondered, is his complete indifference to the own father; He never asked about it.

Ted first kiss with a girl of 18 years after graduation. A friend of his mother told reporters:

- The girls did not interest him. Daeke in college he could not overcome his shyness.

- I am a very insecure feeling with them - confessed he once his friend.

After a first intimacy with the girl he looked disappointed:

- There is nothing interesting.

Ted was stamped on the American general pattern. First scout, beginners and spend your day on schedule, neatly trimmed lawn on weekends. Then diligent high school student, a member of the athletics team. Even then, he had a girlfriend. Later, they and the ones that replaced them in Washington, where Ted was a law student, was told during the investigation and in court that in bed Ted showed sadistic. He was particularly fond of violent games to master and a slave.

After school, Ted went first to the University of Seattle, but then transferred to Washington. However, in 1967, he gave up law to attend an optional Chinese course at Stanford University. Frivolous and superficial, he was unable to intense daily work.

Eventually Ted threw a lesson and went back to the west. In Seattle, he spent the winter, surviving on odd jobs, including helping Republicans in their pre-election campaign. And then, in 1969, for no apparent reason I went to Philadelphia.

These are throwing in the history of Ted Bundy of great importance. During his travels he realized how big America is and how easily a person has committed a crime, get lost in it.

1971, returning to Seattle, he ironically worked as a consultant at a local center for victims of violence. Ann Rule - one of those who knew Bundy at the time, a sociologist and author of several best-selling books, based on the real facts of the criminal history of America. In the early seventies it with Bundy worked on the "hot line" in Seattle. In connection with the case of Ann Bundy wrote:

"When people ask me about Ted, I always emphasize: the man I knew in Seattle was a nice, pleasant to talk to twenty-two guy. He was interested in politics, was able to talk on the phone, was witty and charming.

I was friends with Ted Bundy, and could not believe that he would be a homicidal maniac. Never even imagine such can not! When I saw his face for the last time - before the execution, I noticed all the same a close look, the same tilt of the head, which said, "You can trust this person."

While working in Seattle Bundy wrote a pamphlet on the subject of rape, which inadvertently proved its essence in these lines: "Many rapists are not sick people. This person, who believe that they can with impunity to impose their will on others."

It was something like a manual, entitled: "So women should be protected from rapists." Here are his recommendations: "Never answer an unknown man, speak to you, will not go with a stranger, even if he is charming, and do not sit in his car. And if you find yourself in a desperate situation, then you need only one thing: not to resist , gave him - and remember the good parts: clothing the rapist and dialect, which he says ". iystvenno beautiful, with deep expressive eyes, Theodore Bundy was a living embodiment of dreams of any woman. Three naive words: "Hi, I`m Ted" - correctly opened the way for him to their hearts. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, they say, stacks fell at his feet. Bundy attract women like a magnet attracts metal clips of the boxes.

But these three little words were a death sentence at least five dozen women. Using its visual appeal, it is a long four years shastal the cities and villages the US as a wandering angel of death,

The first bloody step Ted made in 1974, when he was 28 years old.

Her name was Lynda Ann Healy. She was beautiful: tall, with long brown hair. When she died, she was only 21 years old: Going to bed the evening of January 31, Linda Ann Healy, a twenty-year law student of the University of Washington in Seattle, started the alarm for seven o`clock. She had to prepare for a local radio station on the status of ski slopes and afraid of missing.

That night she disappeared. In this city of half a million live 37 thousand students. No one knew where the girl is. Linda was not amorous adventures, and Seattle was considered relatively quiet on the crime rate city.

The girl was found only thirteen months. Her grave in the forest undergrowth to the east of the city found the students. In addition to Linda, who were able to establish the identity of only three days later on the bite, there were two more corpses - two dead girls. Next to the grave of the girls under a thick layer of fallen leaves three more bodies were found by chance.

So, six dead girls; Six of the ten missing in Seattle for a short time. Residents of the town panicked.

... On March 12 of the same year, Donna Manson came out of the hostel and went to the student concert, which was held on the outskirts of the city. More nobody saw.

... Eighteen Susan Renkort April 17 came out of the university building after school and went to the cinema. And gone, too. Behind her in the dark followed by: 6 May - Robert Park, twenty-two years; June 6 - Brenda Ball, its the same age; June 16 Dzhiordzhina Hawkins, eighteen.

One of the favorite "hunting" sadistic tricks was to use a fake plaster cast. He put it on his hand, and in some not very busy place portrayed attempt to lift a heavy object or to change the wheel of the car. Wait for a pretty woman will offer its assistance, he uttered: "Hi, I`m Ted ..." And the victim is on the hook.

... Among the tens of thousands of fans soak up the sun on the shore of the lake at Seattle on July 14 and was a nice young man with his arm in a sling. He went up to a girl named Janice Orr, lying near the water, and politely asked: "Could you help me to load a light boat on the roof of the car?" Dvadtsatitrehletny Janice took her clothes, a bike and went to the young man to his car. She was victim number seven.

On the same day in the afternoon Denays Nesland together with your friends went to rest near a rapid stream, which flows into the lake. At four o`clock in the afternoon she came out of the water and went to a public toilet nearby.

Only two months later a group of hunters of partridges came across the remains of Janice and Denays under the trees. The corpses were undressed. It was easy to determine that the girl died as a result of horrific sexual violence.

When detectives engaged in this business, it was revealed that on the day a nice young man with his arm in a sling, tried to talk to at least a dozen women. And to all he spoke, saying, "Hi, I`m Ted!"

August 30 Bundy retired from emergency public service in Seattle, he moved to Salt Lake City and got a job in law school at the University of Utah. Less than two months, both in Utah began the killing.

October 2, 1974: missing 17-year-old waitress.

October 16, 1974: 17-year-old Melissa Smith, the daughter of a police officer, did not return from the pizzeria. A few days later the body of a naked girl with rape traces found in a roadside ditch.

November 8, 1974: Debbie Kent, also 17 years old, did not return home from school.

Finally, missing 17-year-old Laura, Amy; a week at the gutter found her tortured corpse.

In the latter case, the police for the first time established a feature of "handwriting" killer: Laura Amy, as well as on the neck of Melissa Smith, one of the earlier victims in the neck was tied a nylon stocking. All the killings showed pronounced sexual deviations criminal. FBI began hunting for "nylon killer."

20-year-old Carol Daronch narrowly escaped death. Carol says:

- It was November 27, 1974. He spoke to me, posing as an employee of the police, and asked to go with him to the parking lot: there was impact, and can be affected machine - mine. In the parking lot, he asked me to sit in his car. So I did not hesitate, because it made me a good impression. He was polite and charming. But suddenly the car moved forward rapidly, and before I knew it, he put the handcuffs on me. I called for help, but no one could hear me. When you turn on the car slowed down, I pushed open the door with his elbow and rolled out of the car. Next to me stood another car, the driver helped me, "Volkswagen" sped away.

Then an epidemic of killings spread from Utah to Colorado, later, Bundy argued that since the end of January to April 1975, he killed a Colorado couple-PEX women.

His bloody orgy seemed limitless. And for the detectives, who knocked down in search of a maniac in three states, he was the worst type of criminal - the wandering killer. Do not "light up" anywhere, it could appear anywhere.

Luck smiled guardians of the law in the early morning of August 16, 1975. Utah Traffic Police Sergeant Robert Howard was driving a patrol car. Until the end of twenty minutes was a change, and he waited for exactly three o`clock in the morning to report that is free. Suddenly, the sergeant found colored brown "Volkswagen": in the car man asleep, his head resting on the steering wheel. Sergeant backpedaled and turned on the light. The man woke up and turned on the engine. The sergeant went behind him, after 300 meters overtook him, blocked his path and drew his pistol.

Howard demanded that the detainee documents. The man showed his student card, which read: "Theodore Bundy, a law student."

Police drew attention to some strange facts. The right seat of the car was taken and put in the back, seat. In the glove box, he found a ski mask, nylon stockings, ice ax and handcuffs. Of course, the detained there were quite plausible answers to the sergeant, but he still took him to the police station. Bundy was placed in pre-trial detention.

The next day, the police learned that Ted Bundy is suspected of numerous killings of young women in Seattle, and now here in Salt Lake City. On the eve of the trial Ted allowed to prepare for the upcoming trial in the library. Seizing the moment, when no one was watching him, he jumped out the window.

He was arrested and placed in solitary confinement in prison Colorado.

However, no one was alerted by the fact that the prisoner refused to eat, and rapidly lost weight. After losing 30 pounds, Ted got out of the chamber through the ventilation shaft and running again.

Once on the outside, he stole a police car ... January 15, 1977 proved to be the bloodiest day in the calendar Bundy crime. In Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, armed with a thick wooden stick and pulling the head ski mask with holes for eyes and nose, Bundy entered through the back door in the one-storey building student female dorm "Chi Omega."

Female students had just returned from the Christmas break. Diana Kossin, one of those who fortunately was not injured in that terrible evening, said that most of the girls before going to sleep in the living room gathered to gossip and exchange news: "I saw that Margaret Bowman leaves, and asked chto-to like:" A ? how are you, Margaret, "she said," I Could "and went It was the last time I saw her.." to be better.

As soon as the lights went out in the hostel and everything was quiet, Bundy went to work. He ran up the stairs to the second floor and opened the door first got the room. It was Margaret Bowman, twenty-one years. He beat a club girl to death, strangled her and then chewed off large chunks of meat from the buttocks. Then he jumped in front of the room the same way dealt with the infamous twenty Lisa Levy.

That evening Bundy brutally beat two more girls - Karen Chandler and Kathy Kleiner. Only after that he left the hostel. Karen and Kathy not only been subjected to abuse, experienced indescribable horror, but still have to make up to hide the scars on the faces of the punches and bites.

No one could hear any screaming or the call for help.

A man with a ski mask on your face well remember 22-year-old Nita Neary. She ran into him that day in the hallway of the student dormitories. He hit her and knocked to the floor. She became one of the most important witnesses to the prosecution.

State Attorney Larry Simpson got a real trump card - the irrefutable evidence: two prints bites.

The fact that the killer was bitten Lisa Levy in the chest and buttocks. The medical examiner confirmed that the traces - these teeth from Ted Bundy ...

All the murders, in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation accused Ted Bundy, had a number of common features: the bodies of girls were naked, all the girls were killed using blunt and sometimes ice ax, all the corpses showed signs of sexual torture, all the girls were teenagers or slightly older 20 years. All the girls were beautiful, graceful ... and around the neck at the majority of the girls had tied a nylon stocking.

In many cases, it was clear that the victim initially did not resist sexual flourishes "nylon killer", and perhaps even encouraged him.

February 8, Bundy killed the youngest of his victims - a ten-year old Kimberly Leach. It happened in the town of Lake City, Florida. Sadistically By disposing of the girl he dumped her mutilated body in a pigsty.

February 15, 1978 a police officer David Lee was able to restore tarnished reputation of the authorities. "Volkswagen", departing from the parking lot of the restaurant, closed for several hours, it seemed suspicious. Instant check the computer has allowed to establish that the car is registered in the hijacking.

Lee set off in pursuit. Noticing this, the driver of "Volkswagen" stopped, jumped out and attacked the policeman ran up, dropping the baton in the case. Li stunned him and twisted. When he came to, the driver identified himself as Ken Miescher and muttered: "You should have killed me ..." Named name was one of many used by the gang. Number of names on the list turned out to thirty-one.

Investigation of the case dragged on Bundy. Moreover, instead of the charge at least a dozen murders, he was accused of the murder of a schoolgirl Kimberley. But the evidence was irrefutable. In particular, on the body of a little girl deep traces of bites that exactly matched the teeth of the accused were found.

After recognition Bundy guilty of the murder of Kimberly eight years he lived in the shadow of the electric chair, claiming that he was innocent. Just making sure that the end is inevitable, Ted "split" - confessed to almost forty murders. Having made a terrible list of his victims, he said: "I deserve death for it."

Victims Bundy died in terrible agony, subjected to such a sophisticated sexual violence that Ted is called werewolf, the vampire, the Ripper ... He killed, kill and kill again.

During the trial, Bundy received letters of encouragement, even marriage proposals from women. Why do these women have experienced such a magnetic attraction to Ted Bundy? One explanation is that women are often leading the most ordinary way of life, they want to experience something unusual, exciting. At the same killer, are behind bars, they appear to be the safest. That is, women are thus flirting with death, not really risking anything.

Founded in FBI special unit for the study of monsters since 1978 has begun to study the polls maniacs killers. Here there and showed their abilities psychologist killer Ted Bundy. His revelations were particularly instructive. He read detectives almost lectures on technology training and killings. Acting as a kind of consultant, he has helped uncover one chilling crime. Among other things Bundy recalled policemen forgotten truth: the maniac often returns to the scene of the murder, or the grave of his victim. Psychologist George. Douglas decided to follow his advice when looking for a maniac who raped his victim, brutally killed her, dismembered and then scattered the pieces in the park.

After reviewing the preliminary information gathered by the police, Douglas recommended to mask tape on the victim`s grave and set her observation. Skeptical police still decided to follow his advice. Two days later, at dusk to the cemetery there was a young man and went to the grave with a microphone.

Approaching her, he sadly went down on his knees and tearfully begged his victim for forgiveness. It is clear that the police, after hearing and carefully taped tape lamentations killer, immediately arrested him. He was found guilty at trial. The jury unanimously favored the death penalty.

Ted Bundy eventually "roasted" in the electric chair in Florida in 1989. A local wag shouted onlookers, the crowd that day at the gates of the prison: "Turn your coffee makers, people today all electricity needed here!"

Source: The most dangerous maniacs