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Year of birth : 2001

Age: 14

Citizenship : United States

BiographyGroup "Team Sleep" was born as a side project of Chino Moreno, where he implemented a softer musical ideas as opposed to the main "Deftones" command.

It all began in 1994 with the single undertaking Moreno and his friend Todd Wilkinson. For 30 bucks guys bought a four-track recorder, and in turn made it records and share them. When guys have plagued several films, to their amusement joined another comrade, Crook, who put on guitars, electronic drums and other DJ tricks. However, it was still only rough mixes, and turn into songs they started when Moreno decided to add to the whole record his vocals. At first, the guys and the thought did not even have to establish a group or make an album, but in 2000 the idea of such a project slowly began to be discussed. The name of the group, "Team Sleep", there was only one year, but during that time the trio has produced 12 instrumental tracks for the first polnometrazhki. Team Sleep entry was scrolled on the company "Maverick", is the roof "Deftones", and as a result of " sleeping team " received a contract. Soon

Moreno, Wilkinson and Crook joined by drummer Zach Hill (ex- "Hella) and bassist Rick Verrett (ex- " Tinfed "), and thus the trio became a quintet. In late 2001, "Team Sleep" had a small tour of the West Coast and began to wait for the disk. However, the planned release had to be postponed because several unfinished tracks hit the web, and one of the songs ("Mercedes") began to actively turn the Los Angeles-based radio station "Power 106 ". Several discouraged by this turn of affairs, the guys did not give up, and began to prepare new material.

But history repeated itself. Author`s triple in the face Moreno, Wilkinson and Crook has not yet completed its work, and unfinished compositions were again on the Internet. At this time, Chino upset already stronger and, spitting on "Team Sleep",I focused on a new opus "Deftones".

Team Sleep only in April 2003, the "TS" with producer Ross Robinson re-recorded a couple of tracks. Obekompozitsii out on the single "The Passportal" and heard in the soundtrack of "The Matrix: Reloaded". While Chino toured with his core team, Wilkinson,Crook and Hill with producer Greg Wells produced a few songs. Work on the next album and has been continued in 2004. Especially hard for Moreno, who had to switch from heavy style "Deftones" to peacefully - ambient atmosphere "Team Sleep". Labor results were quite modest and unassuming. The album was released on the label "Maverick Records" May 10, 2005.

If the opening track "Ataraxia" turned out pretty dynamic, then the next, "Ever (foreign flag)", was suddenly quiet and romantic, and one of the most difficult things, "Blvd. Nights", sound is not as powerful as "Deftones". Nevertheless,themselves "Team Sleep" were satisfied with their work, and Chino expressed the idea that a break from the music production you just have to do different music.

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