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Date of Birth: 07/10/1924

Age: 67

Citizenship: Russia


Tatiana G. was born in a family of well-known Soviet linguist and literary critic Grigory Osipovich Vinokur, one of the founders of the Moscow linguistic school. During the Great Patriotic War with the family was evacuated to Chistopol, which sheltered many literary figures of the Soviet Union. In memory of her friend and classmate Nei Zorka, Vinokur Tatiana escaped from Chistopol to Moscow, dishwasher hired the steamer. In 1942-1943, she studied nateoreticheskom department of the Moscow State Conservatory PI Tchaikovsky.

TG Winokur was in correspondence with AI Solzhenitsyn, whose works she dedicated her book. Three unpublished letters represent bibliographic value and sold at auction. At the beginning of the 60s corresponded with KI Chukovsky.

In the early 90s, TG Winokur was one of the authors of the series "Conversations on Russian language" programs on "Radio Russia". The theme of the transmission bylirechevoe behavior, culture of speech and communication standards adopted in the society, and especially Russian etiquette.

An unusual way of the story and features the voices Winokur devoted several articles, including Academician Stepanova. According to Professor of the Faculty of Philology RGPU. Herzen Sakmara Ilienko T. Bonner Vinokur, "possessed with nothing incomparable charm Muscovite from a family with a history of a great university."

May 22, 1992 Tatiana G. died in Moscow under the car wheels. Her memory was dedicated to the 2nd edition of the "Handbook of spelling and literary editing" DE Rosenthal.

In 2005, the Russian State Humanitarian University Library hosted the exhibition "dedicatory inscription on the books from the collection of Herman Vinokur and TG Vinokur, "which presented books from the personal collection of famous philologists. According to the organizers of the exhibition inscriptions allow us to see the living history of philological thought of the XX century.

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