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In 1972 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of National Economy named after GV Plekhanov on specialty "Finance and Credit".

Titles and awards

Honorary Doctor of Sciences of the Russian Academy of Economics. Plekhanov (September 1995), Professor, Honored Economist of the Russian Federation (December 1999).

Thanks President Awarded Russian Federation (1995). For his great contribution to the development of the state of the banking system was awarded the Order of Merit (2000).

In 2001, the British Institute of Management Paramonova handed a diploma recognized by the level of management and contribution to the development of the Russian economy.

Key biographies

From 1972 to 1991 he worked at the State Bank of the USSR in positions from economist to Head of Department.

After the reorganization of the State Bank of the USSR in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation went to work in Petrokommertsbank.

In July 1992, at the invitation of the Central Bank Gerashchenko he returned to the position of deputy chairman.

From October 1994 to November 1995 following the resignation of Gerashchenko, the Acting Chairman of the Central Bank.

In 1994-1995. - The control of the Russian Federation, the International Monetary Fund and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

In 1995, he participated in the talks with Camdessus, where an agreement on the IMF loan Russia was signed.

In 1995 - Chairman of the Board of the CIS Interstate Bank.

From May 1997 to October 1997 - the first deputy chairman CB "Elbim-bank".

The Vice-Chairman of RNCB.

In 1997-1998. He engaged in teaching activities in the Russian Economic Academy named after Plekhanov on discipline "Banking".

In September 1998 she was appointed the first deputy chairman of the Russian Central Bank.

In September of the same year - the Bank of Russia Board of Directors.

In 1999 he headed the Inter-Ministerial Committee to promote the development of banking in Russia.

Since 2000 - Deputy Head of the Russian Federation in the International Monetary Fund.


The best school education of its good faith was the family. The family of Russian intellectuals. Parents, she took over the main thing - "they have always been enterprising, caring." Responsibility is also there, from childhood. With seven years with her sister Tatiana was independent, "with the key of the house on the neck." One of the long imprinted in her memory of childhood episodes. Six year old child she was resting on the Northern Dvina. Not much older than her relatives, sailed away from the coast, Tatiana decided to teach to swim as kogda-to taught Esenina: thrown from the boat. I went to the bottom, and swam pobarahtatsya. Independently. Dislike of waters passed a few years ago. (Journal of Business People, 2001)

Third-party evaluation, characteristics

"Truly a rock. One of the most severe and far-sighted Russian bankers. She and Gerashchenko - a kind of commercial "Twix", a dragon with two heads. " (The magazine "Faces", 2000)

Working with her is not easy. For example, it is likely to cause a discussion of working moments those professionals that, in its opinion, adequately perceive the requirements versed in the intricacies of the case and do not occupy certain positions in the Central Bank. This gives rise to speculation that it divides people into friends and foes that has surrounded herself with loyal people.

She is no stranger to pathos. He likes to say that the Central Bank is a big responsibility. What to make decisions, "it is better to be tough" to "rather than" after "for the country better."

In his views and beliefs Paramonov adamant. Brilliantly owns profession. Paramonov tough approach to the regulation of the currency market. It maintains a permanent relationship with the heads of central banks of the CIS and the largest Western countries and heads of international financial institutions International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Dislikes control over the activities of the Central Bank by commercial banks, but it has to put up with this phenomenon. Not included in any of the party blocs and not subject to any financial groups. Gerashchenko and betrayed their cause. ( "Faces" magazine, 2000)

Especially clearly manifested her talent economist and head of the state scale capacity during periods when Paramonov held responsible positions in the leadership of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. With the direct participation Paramonova in 1992 began a radical reform of the payment system of Russia. (Journal of the Russian Who is Who, 2001)

It combines intelligence specialist national scale and fine economic intuition. "It is the iron." As described volitional capacity Paramonova worked closely with her one of the bank`s employees. "She sat down during a time when many were broken. There, inside, it was clear that she should avoid undue additional issue, resist assertive Duma. In order to express their position so you have to be a strong man, and she was a woman." (Journal of Business People, 2001)

"Fragile, shapely, sociable, strong in" - recalls classmate Paramonov. The construction team on the rise with a virgin, they built barns German farm. International squad, arrived students from Hungary, East Germany. Paramonov was Commissioner and in general, "the guy." They say it has kept the quality and the Bank of Russia. In 1995, when a business dispute heads of departments, proving the priority is "their" areas, such as the almost turned into a banal scuffle, rushed to pull them apart with a laugh. (Journal of Business People, 2001)

Said Paramonov completely adapted to work in the commercial banks, the elite of which many call it "typical Soviet banker." (Profile Magazine, 2001)

Tatyana owl by nature, and has a habit to sit up in the bank long after midnight. "Night" color highlights several ominous black bow, which picks up Tatyana hair. The Central Bank he was called propeller. Nikakienameki persuasion and image-makers are not forced her to part with your favorite dressing. "I`ve never been particularly fond of fashionable clothes" - Paramonov said in an interview. (Profile Magazine, 2001)

Political views, position

No matter how the current economic situation in Russia, Tatyana Paramonova prospects look optimistic. Her respect for the country`s leadership. By the way, Tatiana Paramonov was able to convince the prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who last summer, insisted on the resignation of Viktor Gerashchenko as chairman of the Central Bank. The Prime Minister is very much not like the fact that the head of the Central Bank held its own monetary policy and restrain the growth of the dollar against the advice of the government. Said Kasyanov is so imbued with confidence in Ms. Paramonov that now no one more than her, in matters of monetary trusts. And the resignation of Gerashchenko and forgot to think. (Profile Magazine, 2001)

While working as the First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia since the end of 1998, Paramonov actively involved in the development of key aspects of the unified state monetary policy. In the aftermath of the August 1998 crisis in extremely difficult internal and external conditions, the Bank of Russia has achieved positive results in the implementation of monetary policy, which provided a significant reduction in the rate of inflation. (Journal of the Russian Who is Who, 2001)

Many argue that most distinguishes Paramonov market approach. Unlike some Central Bank officials who are either not quite understand, or for political reasons. It even rank among the few leaders who genuinely like the heroes of old Soviet films, think about the interests of the state. (Journal of Business People, 2001)

His outstanding personal qualities and professionalism combined with an exceptional capacity for work and public activity Paramonov put in some of the most prominent representatives of contemporary Russia, has a significant impact on the economic development of the country. (Journal of the Russian Who is Who, 2001)

Paramonov considered highly professional banking expert. She attracted the attention even when he was the deputy chairman of the CBR, when supervised a number of departments and was responsible for coordinating with the Ministry of Finance. According to one of the employees of the Central Bank, quoted in the same issue of "Izvestia", "she knew the budget may be better people from the Ministry of Finance." The Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee of the State Duma Sergei Glazyev said shortly after her appointment of Acting Chairman of the Central Bank, that Tatiana Paramonov - "very qualified, enjoys great prestige in the banking sector is certainly capable of leading the Central Bank."

Talking about the character traits Paramonov mainly pay attention to her strong will, rigidity and desire to personally supervise skolko-nibud take all significant decisions. As such, as the correspondent. the newspaper "Kommersant-Daily" Yaroslav Skvortsov in the room of the newspaper of 25 April 1995 Paramonov tougher leader than Viktor Gerashchenko, and gives much less than it will the heads of departments, resulting in the passage of documents in the Central Bank estimated its employees It slowed.

Most experts Paramonov characterized as apolitical technocrat specialist.

When Paramonov was appointed acting Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chief Editor of "Today" Mikhail Leontiev said: "It is completely apolitical, not biased by anyone ... but precisely because ... first of all it neangazhirovannosti, it is clearly time to candidates." "Chimes", "Paramonov seems to many of the most neutral figure, able to pass the voting through the right-left reefs. Indeed, the left majority in the Duma priori not miss the financial levers of the country`s liberal a la Boris Fedorov. Accordingly left contenders are unacceptable to most of Boris Yeltsin . It is necessary to compromise a series of "strong non-partisan professional", with which so willing to strengthen the government. "

Political apathy Paramonova some politicians viewed as a negative feature. In an interview with BBC BBC Sergei Yushenkov, one of the leaders of the faction "Choice of Russia", noted that the decision of Yeltsin to appoint Paramonova head of the Central Bank is not the best: "The figure of the Chairman of the Central Bank - a political figure and former chief accountant is not well suited for this position ".

Additional information

Favorite phrase: "You have to stick to the facts, not opinions."

To superiors Paramonov enters office on equal terms, without trembling.

It is contradictory. On the one hand, he does not consider it appropriate to focus on the person. On the other - very jealous of opinions about yourself. It combines a rare self-confidence and a touching confusion when it comes to her in person.

In conversation Tatyana Vladimirovna constantly puts on the "economic way."

With the arrival of the last Paramonova to the Central Bank underwent a metamorphosis. She changed her image. It gained special elegance. Some women even try CB imitate her. Slowly show your hairdressers magazine clippings with the image of the first lady of Bank of Russia ...

He likes flowers - pots and not in the form of time bouquets.

Very fond of the theater, mainly opera, chamber concerts. He notes the recent vision in the London musical "Notre Damde Paris".

Previously fond of skiing.

For the head of her slave called Aunt Tanya.

Paramonov known contempt for comfort, a long time she lived in an ordinary two-room Khrushchev, until a few years ago, the Central Bank has not allocated her decent housing. Indifferent to it, and the food, although she is said to prepare well. Tatiana Vladimirovna is particularly good at the first dish - soup in particular, which she cooks own recipe. (Profile Magazine, 2001)