Tatiana Kornilova

Picture of Tatiana Kornilova

Date of Birth: 1954

Age: 61

Citizenship: Russia


TV Kornilov was born in 1954. In 1976, she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Psychology and from 1976 to 1980 she studied in graduate school at the Department of General Psychology. These first years of scientific work sessions were held under the leadership of prof. OK. Tikhomirov. In 1980, she successfully defended her thesis on the problem of mental characteristics of solutions of problems with the use of computer data and in terms of communication with another person, which from the standpoint of cultural-historical theory of LS Vygotsky were the directions of transformation of thinking in a new historical situation (the use of computer tools). After the target allocation to the department of general psychology, she worked on it from 1980 to 1990, conducted in the years of research thinking and psychological consequences of computerization were published in collaboration with DC Tikhomirov monographs and systematic development of projects of general psychological workshop - in numerous teaching aids (General Workshop Psychological Experiment Vol I-IY...). The final for this cycle was the textbook "Experimental Psychology. Workshop "(M .: Aspekt Press, 2002; co-edited with SD Smirnov).. At the same time TV Kornilov has developed a new general theoretical course "experimental method in psychological research", which is the basis of the first Soviet textbooks on experimental psychology (Introduction to psychological experiment M., 1997, 2001;. Experimental Psychology MA., 2002) and now it is read to students faculty.

From 1990 to 2004. TV Kornilov worked at the department of pedagogy, psychology and methods of teaching in higher education; Since 1994 - an assistant professor, and since 2000. - Professor. Her main research interests in this period are reflected in the special courses "Psychological Methods in Practice of Higher Education" (Wiley, 2003) and "The Psychology of decision-making and psychological risk model."

TV Kornilov for the first time joined the perspective of semantic regulation of thinking and decision-making research (PR) and began to develop in the national psychology of the general psychological approach to understanding the regulation of the PR (a term many years functioned in the context of engineering and psychological operations).

On the basis of theoretical and experimental studies of human intelligent strategies for decision-making and personal-motivational regulation of TV Kornilova was developed a new scientific direction - and multi-level psychological regulation of human choice under uncertainty. In his doctoral thesis "Psychological regulation of intelligent solutions", successfully defended in 1999, she justified the complete psychological concept of functional-level regulation make intelligent decisions, justifying the uncertainty principle, and multilevel transparency in understanding the regulatory systems of the PR and the reversibility criterion as a new psychological characteristics real choice. She deployed to study the intellectual and personal potential human, proposed and approved a number of its diagnostic methods. The connections are established personal characteristics (self-regulation, motivation, cognitive styles, implicit theories of intelligence and personality) with features of intelligent solutions in the professional activity and academic achievement of students. The last direction is carried out in dialogue with foreign approaches and broadens the scope of the national educational psychology.

Conscious and unwitting, personality-motivational and thought-regulation are presented in the functional-level concept of interacting processes that underlie decision-making (PR), which a person "makes itself." Based on the author`s developments therein specified mechanisms of self-regulation as multiple psychological selection, by which a person overcomes the uncertainty.

From 2005 to present, the doctor of psychol. Science TV Kornilov - Professor of the Department of General Psychology (where she vernulasposle conversion of the former departments, which became part of the Department of Psychology of Education and Pedagogy Faculty of the Moscow State University of Psychology).

General psychological problems of work TV Kornilova as varied as the individual decision-making base.

In recent years, it also presents the theoretical research in psychology methodological problems. Here she stands and participants, and co-taught in the Faculty of Psychology of the course "Methodological bases of psychology," and the author constantly republished textbook (with the same title, collab. With SD Smirnov).

The practical orientation of its theoretical and empirical work - I psychologists entrepreneurship and psychology of high school, deciding lawyers and the perception of risk managers, psychological preconditions risk of antisocial behavior in adolescents and personal regulation "quality of life" of patients with diabetes. This is part of a number of practical applications of her research, which is reflected in publications.

Research and publishing projects, the head of which stands TV Kornilov, have been repeatedly supported by the Russian Foundation for Humanities. She is a member of the council for doctoral theses of the Faculty of the Moscow State University of Psychology and the Institute of Psychology

TV Kornilov author of over 130 scientific publications.