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11 -year-old college graduateTanishk became the youngest graduate of the American River College in Sacramento (Sacramento) in 2015 and probably the youngest graduate in the entire 60 - year history of existence of the institution.

` Not this is big deal for menya` - said American Tanishk Abraham, who graduated from college at the age of 11 years.

Press-College secretary Scott Crowe said : ` It is assumed that younger Tanishka was not among our graduates. But we do not have all the archival records to confirm it. But, of course, he was the youngest in this godu`.

Abraham appeared on the scene in the mantle and academic cap with a tassel. Exhaust kit was complemented by a scarf all colors of the rainbow ,which linked 82 -year-old grandmother Tanishka. Upstairs hats sported by all known ` ` mantra` cartoon history igrushek` (`Toy

Story`) with the words ` in perpetuity and dalee` (Eng. ` To Infinity and Beyond`).

Gifted supernormal boy studying three subjects - math, science and foreign language. In this way,He earned three out of four scientists of college degrees in Sacramento.

He told us that sit in the classroom with students that are twice its larger and older, was for him a far greater challenge than the study itself. Some 1,800 alumni and other college students ` ustrashali` Abraham.

On the other hand,most of the students was pleased with the fact that next to niminahodilsya this young talent.

` Many were really happy about the fact that their group was rebenok` - Tanishk said.

As for the parents` child prodigy, they looked rather reserved, not showing much surprise about Abraham achievements. The explanation was simple. ` Even in kindergarten, our son ahead of others for several years. He just left ottuda` - said Taji Abraham, mother of the graduate.

Tanishk became the star of the news last year, when at age 10 he graduated from high school - eight years earlier than most Americans. He was at home obucheniipotomu that he was bored in school.Abraham showed GPA 4.0.

His mother, a veterinarian, the owner of a PhD, she was engaged in teaching his son. Spoon the knowledge he also helped employment in American River College, which he attended from the age of 7.

Father Abraham, Bijou - Software Engineer,a graduate of Cornell University (Cornell University) and winner of the senior prom in math on the test to check the academic ability. Biju said : ` My son came out clever malym`.

When Tanishke was four, he joined the group `Mensa International`, where people come with a level of intelligence superior to the average.Such gifted people about 2 % of the total.

Sister boy and 9 -year-old Tiara, in addition to owning a wonderful voice, also fell into the group of `Mensa International`. Today, she also learns to American River College.

Plan your time in the near future, Abraham was going to pass the summer training course ` Mathematical Analysis - II`And, after a rest with the family.

And in the long run ? In answering this question, Tanishk jokingly referred to a physician `s career, a medical researcher and president of the United States.

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Tanishq Abraham picture
Tanishq Abraham photo
Tanishq Abraham image
Tanishq Abraham pic
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