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Date of Birth: 11/21/1927

Age: 79

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Tamara Nosova: Nonna Mordyukova still young lovers!

Author: Nadezhda Repina

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On the phone the actress explained to me that to come to her home is impossible, as she prepares for the repair. When I asked for a long time whether it is preparing to repair, the actress said: "Ten years ..." The apartment is currently not even light bulbs only one in the hallway, and sleep it iz-za this has to go to bed early - it gets dark quickly in winter. And TV Tamara Makarovna not broken 10 years ago. She did not notice, because it is very fond of reading - perhaps it is her most favorite pastime.

We met for an interview in the cafe of the Union of Cinematographers

- Tamara Makarovna whether the actors in your family?

- I have a very ordinary family. Dad was a specialist in aircraft engines. Like all the communists of that time, I went to work there, which sent. During the war the family was evacuated, and as a result, I graduated from the school in the suburbs. Many participated in the initiative, and dreamed of becoming an actress. In 1945 he came to the capital to do to VGIK. My classmates began to Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Mordjukova Nonna, Katia Savinov Sergey Gurzo.

When the second course we were asked to choose excerpts from classical works, then to the great regret of my master Bibikov, who had seen me only comedienne, I chose a tragic role. Once I saw then as a student of the Faculty of director Sergei Gerasimov and told me. Gerasimov immediately invited me to the role of Vali Filatova in the film "Young Guard". Bibikov was outraged! But he could not help it, because Sergei Apollinarievich was head of the department of acting. So I began to shoot ...

Who is this Gurchenko?

- Do you have a film that viewers love is still, - "Carnival Night".

- It was the first movie Ryazanov, and he offered to Igor Ilyinsky, who played the role of Ogurtsova, to choose the actress for the role of secretary. Ilyinsky chose me. The shooting took place at the Theatre of the Soviet Army.

- Said Igor Ilyinsky loved to look after the ladies?

- What are you! This was not. He was very intelligent, actor stunning, high-end.

- And with Lyudmila Gurchenko you become friends?

- Well no. She has studied at the Institute, and I already hard shot.

- The picture was immediately fell in love with the audience?

- Of course. We finished film immediately went abroad, in Germany and Czechoslovakia. Come Eldar Ryazanov and me. With us was another man from the KGB.

- And Gurchenko was not invited?

- No. And who is she? She first appeared - nobody knew.

- But Gurchenko played a major role. She was not offended?

- But how could she be offended? The student she was - think of it, the main role!

- You are constantly filmed, often went to the movies ... I guess you had a lot of novels?

- No. I was very tired because she worked a lot ... I was not up to the novels. I`m getting married, of course, not even once. But somehow I do not really work.

- When it happened the first time and who was your favorite?

- He was a diplomat, Oleg. In the eight years older than me. Immediately after graduation, we married, we met at the House of Journalists. And I left with him abroad. He even predostavilipravo select the country. He called me one country, I said: "Do not go, bad climate," called another - refused, third ... As a result, went to Austria, we stayed there a few years ... And then we parted with Oleg.

- Why?

- Something like that happened after six years of marriage. I married again. Oleg waited, hoping that I will divorce and come back to it.

- Second husband - a famous person?

- I have every known. It was the actor Yuri Bogolyubov from the famous acting dynasty. We had a civil marriage. We met in Yalta on the set.

Yuri was a very handsome boy, just unusual. Eyes - so turquoise! He`s such a poetic person ... I left Yalta, he began to write me letters.

- Oleg did not wait for your return?

- He stopped to wait when I got married for the third time, for the writer G. Vitali Gubarev. He wrote stories, short stories, screenplays. I starred in his films "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" (Auntie Weasel) and "In the kingdom of Far Far Away", where she played a major role. The happiest time I was when I lived with him ...

And we met in the office of the famous director, storyteller Alexander Rou. I came to audition at the wheel of his "Volga".

I went first to the make-up, put on a suit and as such came into the office to Rowe. There sat Vitaly Gubarev. Rowe said to me: "Get to know, is our author." I looked at him over his shoulder, talking to Rowe, to the author was not paying attention. Then Vitaly found in Rowe when I`m filming, and especially in these days came to Yalta.

- How did he courted?

- Nothing. Just made me a formal offer. Suddenly. It was very romantic: we have lived for six years. My life has passed beautifully. I can not complain that God has bypassed me that happiness. And together we have lived for six years.

- Why did you break up?

- You see, sometimes mothers until old age trying to raise children, to interfere in their personal lives. My mom just such a warehouse. She had to delve into all, used to work in his command ... The plant has been deputy head of the department.

I am the sign of the zodiac Skorpion.Eto very strong sign - the strongest, but next to my mother, I was a midge, which is subordinate to it. She lived with us, and Vitaly G. tried to get on with it. He even once suggested: "Ms Golikova, I want you to buy a mink coat as Tamara?" - "What for?" - She asked. "Well, we will walk together in a restaurant, in-house movies." - "No, no, I have a fur coat," - my mother said. She was against it attitude. Especially when he went for a walk with the dog and went into a cafe, drink a glass of brandy. Well, what`s wrong with that? He was a European, both externally and internally. And he had the habit Europe. But my mother did not like it. How many times have I asked her not to do it notes! He lived with us, but he had his own apartment. We found a great apartment and decided to move in together, but my mother refused to go there.

- And why you did not go to him?

- I could not leave her alone, she was already old and in need of care. She was afraid that when she was gone, and I go shooting, the husband will hold in the apartment popoyki.V followed by a divorce, he remarried. But he calls me almost every day ... Then he went on a business trip, and there he had a heart attack. I accidentally found out about his death, called his wife. She told me all the details - I was crying ...

- Do you have children?

- First, it was not before, and then on could have - cold.

- There was also a fourth husband?

- We lived together for four years, but he was married to another. The wife did not allow divorce, threatened to kill himself and gas, and a daughter. I begged him to return to his wife, he did not want. This Nikolai Zaseev - an actor, and even graduated from the directing, he worked in television. He now lives with his wife, all the time kogo-to finds. Nicholas recently made a film "Babi Yar." He Elina Bystritskaya shot.

Donna Rosa risked his head

- Once you have approved for the role of Donna Rosa in the film "Hello, I your aunt!"?

- You see, at first I was shot at Victor Titov in the film "The Love for Three Oranges", which almost brought him to the grave. I played a major role - an abstract image of a woman and was wearing a Frenchwoman. Officials from the State Cinema Committee was told that I am very bare. The director replied: "But she plays the female character!". Once Titov came to the studio and he was told that all the films were confiscated and washed. With him was a blow, he lost consciousness, called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital.

When he began to shoot the film "Hello, I your aunt!", I was adopted without a trial.

- It was fun working on this film?

- Oh, not that word! I had a scene where I have something to say warmly, sitting in a chair. Suddenly his chair fell backwards ... Everyone froze, thinking that I broke down. A backrest was so high that I did not even hit. The operator at this time continued to remove, and thus it is this double entered into the picture.

- You starred in the movie "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" Lydia Vertinskaya, mother of famous actresses Marianne and Anastasia ...

- We had starred in another movie - "The Adventures of Puss in Boots." She talked a lot about his life abroad with Vertinsky. I asked her: "You must be very rich?" She exclaimed: "Yes, you! If we were rich, we have no way of China in Russia did not come!" Vertinskii there could no longer support his family, and they returned to Russia.

Nonna wants his wife back to Tikhonov

- You Mordyukova - classmate, together starred in the film "Young Guard". They say she`s a complicated man ...

- It is difficult - what you want to say can and may offend.

Nonna is now only recognizes me, nobody else, she herself, and said: "You are dearer to me than all my sisters."

- I recently saw her in the movie Renata Litvinova "There is no death for me." Nonna Viktorovna there so beautiful ...

- So she`s braces itself does - plastic surgery ...

- The film Mordjukova says that he regrets divorcing Vyacheslav Tikhonov and would like to be with him now ...

- Idiot! That I did not have time to warn her. She told me about it, and I scolded her. How is it possible? It was in another life. He is now a wife, however, he is with her nezhivet. His adult daughter and Nonna back to it imposed on his wife.

- Well, it is not imposed.

- On the other talking, maybe it is not imposed, but speaking with me, was imposed, for which I scolded her.

- She called him to say that?

- No. But, probably, and she wanted to tell him about it.

- They say she had a lot of novels?

- Her novels were solid ... She now gets lovers, but not from the authorities, much younger than himself. Real woman! Nonna is all wide open, such love. All awards, all the money, all diamonds - her. Two-bedroom apartment gave. But she deserved it! There appeared in advertising with a bottle of milk. 5 thousand dollars earned in one day, said to me: "I`m tired ..." I said to her: "Shut up already ..."

- And she likes to drink?

- And what such and such? Many love. But at me the bottle on the table is not intended - knows that I do not like. I am a student, always brought home food and regaled all - Muscovite, after all. A Nonna very grateful person. She told me not so long ago gave a hat, Orenburg shawl, earrings ... I wanted to put on today, but I do not remember where their cases. Once her bedroom, "Louis the XV" presented, she called the director: "Take me to put nowhere" ... So give back.

- She is, after all, and grandchildren?

- Yes, of their common son of Vyacheslav Tikhonov - Volodya. He was the child of Natasha Varley and another - from one ballerina. But Nonna somehow recognizes only the grandson of a ballerina. He is abroad.

- I read an interview with this dancer, she claims that the funeral Volodya Mordjukova her and her son, even in the bus is not empty!

- Yes, I Alla Larionov is told. Nonko such. She can. (Hohochet.) But now says that all legacy like otpishet him.

- What do you live? Somewhere right now filming?

- I was given a personal pension, and then it was canceled altogether. It turned out that it is less than that of the cleaner - these penny I got for 11 years. And then, when Yeltsin to all of us, honored artist, gave the title of People`s, with a pension adjusted. We were like Cinderella: our portraits hung in all theaters, but titles of People we were not given 25 years ...

- How will you celebrate the anniversary?

- Actor`s Guild will arrange a concert and a table in the Central House of Arts. And I wanted to get away from it all somewhere in the village, had a good read ... When my mother died, I escaped it. I care with the characters from the books of our state, of our age. Sometimes you read out, which is not come to the phone. 30 years binge reading - since both my husband broke up last. I have so many books that they have nowhere to go. The apartment I had a small, one of the rooms, eight and a half meters, packed with books. More than a thousand copies! I always read our and foreign classics, are now acquainted with modern literature. Horror! Nightmare! Solid erotic.


* Tamara Nosova starred in films: "Young Guard", "Carnival Night," "The Adventures of Puss in Boots," "The Far Far Away kingdom", "Hello, I your aunt!", "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", "Wedding in Malinovka" "Ilya Muromets", "Dead souls", "The Brothers Karamazov," "The Mystery of blackbirds" and others.

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