Tamara Makarova

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Date of Birth: 08/13/1907

Age: 89

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the Stalin Prize of the USSR (1941, for his role in Agrafena Shumilina "Teacher" movie)

Winner of USSR State Prize (1947, for participation in "The Oath" film)

Hero of Socialist Labor (1982)


Tamara Makarova was born August 13, 1907 in St. Petersburg in a military family doctor. In this regard, her childhood took place in a romantic atmosphere of Russian military traditions. Everything changed after the revolution. October 1917 brought into their family the death of his father and a difficult financial situation. However, Tamara, and in these circumstances, he continued to go to school and at the same time engaged in ballet studio (in this field the girl filed a great hope).

The 14-year-old Tamara Makarova, carried away by the theater, created his own company, gathering neighborhood children. Very soon serf theater has pleased the neighboring inhabitants with their performances, and later the District Board of Education has registered them. The boys began to get even for their performances bread ration.

Film debut. Meeting of Sergey Gerasimov

In 1924, Tamara Makarova graduated from a trade school and enrolled in an acting workshop Forregera - MASTAFOR. It was here that she first met with Sergei Gerasimov, the future brilliant filmmaker and her husband. Gerasimov drew attention to the aspiring actress during her performances - Makarova danced the Charleston in miniature variety "Milliner and lifter." Then their relationship in anything serious is not resulted.

A new meeting Makarova and Gerasimov took place in 1926 in the film "Alien jacket." And Tamara Makarova came into the picture by chance. Once she passed the "Lenfilm", and stopped her assistant directors G. Kozintsev and L. Trauberg with the traditional question: "Do you want to play in a movie" Tamara naturally agreed.

In the picture, which has become for Makarova debut in the movie, she played the role of a typist. Its heroine was a real vamp, seductive all around. Sergei Gerasimov also starred as Skalkovsky agent. It was then between them broke out love, and a year later Makarova and Gerasimov were married.

On the way to the recognition

In 1927, Tamara Makarova on the advice of her husband came to study at the Leningrad kinootdelenie College of Performing Arts, which was soon transformed into the Institute. And Sergei Gerasimov decided to do a director, took it to his assistant G. Kozintsev.

In 1930, Tamara Makarova graduated from the Institute and in the same year starred in the drama Vladimir Schmidthof "Happy Kent." Some time later followed her work in the films "The Deserter" Vsevolod Pudovkin and "conveyor of death," Ivan Pyreva.

In this period and the first directorial work by Sergei Gerasimov. In 1930 he published his comedy "Twenty-two misfortunes", which starred Sophia Magarill and Janina Jaime (picture, unfortunately, has not survived). Then Gerasimov took everyday drama "The Forest", which made the same, and as author of the script. And in 1933, he first took off in his film Tamara Makarova. She starred in the film "Do You Love?".

Union Glory

In 1935, Sergei Gerasimov began shooting the film "Seven courageous", which tells about the resistance and courage molodyhpolyarnikov who went to the Far North to search for tin. Screenwriter paintings made by young writer Yuri German, for whom this was the first work in the cinema. The main roles of Oleg Gerasimov invited Zhakova, Aleinikova Peter and Tamara Makarova. The film crew traveled a lot during the filming of the expedition, aiming to recreate the real impact of developments in the film. Actors climbed Elbrus glaciers, lived on the islands of the Barents Sea among nepuganyh birds mastered the ski and parachuting in the Khibiny.

The film was released in 1936 and was a resounding success with the audience. This was facilitated by the brilliant acting work, and that the Gerasimov in the film managed to combine to achieve silent film with the possibilities of sound film.

Tamara Makarova (as Peter and Oleg Aleinikov Zhakov) film "Seven courageous" brought the crazy popularity. Encouraged by the success Gerasimov starts making films, one after another, and all the main roles were played by Tamara Makarova. In 1938 he published an optimistic drama "Komsomolsk" (about the construction on the banks of the Amur new city), in 1939 - the film story, "Teacher."

The "teacher" Tamara Makarova very clearly played the role Agrafena Shumilina. Two years later her work was awarded the Stalin Prize.

Another collaboration Tamara Makarova and Sergei Gerasimov was a picture of "Masquerade". Makarova it natural to play the role of Nina, and Arbenina played by famous actor Nikolai Mordvinians. Tamara Makarova recalled: "This painting has left me a deep impression. I had no idea that can play tragedy. And then the film itself was followed by the tragic everyday and social circumstances. Something definitely happened around the premiere of "Masquerade" - on stage and in film. Mystery hovers near Lermontov ".

Filming began in the spring of 1941 and was completed in record time - in the night of June 22. The next morning the filmmakers learned about the beginning of the Great Patriotic War ...

The War Years

Since the beginning of the war, Tamara Makarova and Sergei Gerasimov in no hurry to leave Leningrad. Makarova took an active part in the defense of the city - has worked as an instructor at the Political Administration of the front, one of the medical orderlies in hospitals, a nurse.

In 1942, Sergei Gerasimov, together with Mikhail Kalatozov made a film about the defenders of Leningrad - the drama "Invincible." Tamara Makarova again played a major role - an engineer with the Izhora plant.

In 1943, the couple were evacuated to Tashkent, where at that time was the cream of the cinematic art of the Soviet Union. It is there in the family had a son. However, non-native (child Tamara Makarova and was not), and the receiving. The fact that his sister Makarova repressed after her husband, and their son Arthur was alone. Then Tamara Makarova with the consent of her husband and decided to adopt him. Arthur took the surname of the mother receiving and patronymic - from his adoptive father.

By the end of the war, Sergei Gerasimov took another picture - the drama "Big Land", dedicated to the heroism of the Soviet people in the rear. Tamara Makarova played a major role in it Anna Sviridova - simple rural toilers that has taken to the machine in the factory instead of the front-line soldier-husband. According to most critics, it was one of the best roles of the actress in the 40-50s. In this picture, it starred together in such stars of Russian cinema as Petr Aleynikov, Mark Bernes, Vera Altai and others.

The postwar years

The first post-war work of Tamara Makarova was the role of the Mistress of Copper Mountain in kinoskazki director Alexander Ptushko "Stone Flower". The main actor in the film was played by Vladimir Druzhnikov. In 1946, this picture took first place at the box office, collecting 23 million viewers.

In the same year, "Stone Flower" won the jury at the International Film Festival in Cannes. The members of our delegation had and Tamara Makarova. In Italy, one of the American producers, admiring the game Russian actress invited her to play Anna Karenina in the film adaptation of the immortal works of Leo Tolstoy. However, in those years for the Soviet actors the way the West has been closed. With a dream to play Anna Karenina had to say goodbye, as Tamara Fedorovna later recalled with regret.

1946 for Makarova became remarkable for the fact that she got her second Stalin Prize. So highly was valued her work in advocacy frankly pretentious drama "The Vow".

In 1947-48 Tamara Makarova starred in several films: the heroic drama of her husband Sergei Gerasimov`s "Young Guard", the drama Sergei Yutkevich, Vsevolod Pudovkin and Alexander Ptushko "Three meetings" heroic drama by Alexander Stolper "The Story of a Real Man" and child painting by Ilya Freza "grader".

In the "first grader" Tamara Makarova played teacher, and the main role performed by young children Natalia Zaschipina. The film turned out good, but it is a chur model (which, strictly speaking, is not surprising for the time). Accordingly, the heroine Tamara Makarova in the film looked very proper - a wise and sensitive.

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