Tamara Gordeeva

Picture of Tamara Gordeeva

Date of Birth: 08/20/1965

Age: 51

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


One skilled in the field of psychology, motivation, including achievement motivation, motivation, training and professional activity, psychology of optimism and constructive thinking personality, cognitive-behavioral counseling and coaching. Author of more than 50 scientific publications.

Born August 20, 1965 in Moscow. In 1987 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University (specialization and pedagogical psychology), in 1991 - postgraduate studies MSU psychology (supervisor - LF Obukhov). PhD thesis deals with the analysis features of experiences and motivational sphere of teenagers.

Since 1992 - junior research fellow MSU psychology, then - Researcher, Deputy. Head. the Department for Science, in 2005-2006. - Deputy. Dean for work with international students and international work in the present - Associate Professor of the Center for retraining of teachers at the Department of Educational Psychology, Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology. In 1993-1994. an intern (Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow (10 / 93-12 / 94) at the Faculty of Psychology are Yale University (USA), in collaboration with Robert Sternberg has implemented two research projects (study of factors affecting the achievement in science psychologists. Cross features-cultural perceptions about the success of the Americans and Russian) in 1995-1997 -.. was the head of the Moscow part of the cross-cultural research project of the Institute of human development and learning Max Planck (Berlin, Germany), dedicated to the study of learning motivation, self-efficacy. and friendship among schoolchildren middle and high school. in 1997 he was an intern at the Institute of human development and training them. Max Planck (West Berlin).

In 2000-2005. - A member of the Competition Commission of theses Faculty of Psychology and the All-Russian competition of degree works.