Tamara Bondarenko

Picture of Tamara Bondarenko

Date of Birth: 08/11/1922

Age: 94

Place of birth: Khabarovsk

Citizenship: Russia

The unexpected news of the beginning of the war

Tamara Bondarenko (Sladkova) - one of those whose proms coincided with the beginning of the war. She was born in Khabarovsk, 11 August 1922, her father worked as a cook and his mother was a dressmaker and often took orders for the house. Of the four children survived only the younger girl, and her three older brothers died in infancy from pneumonia. When Tatiana was seven years old, the family decided to move to Baku, where he worked at an oil refinery younger brother Tanya`s mother. This trip Tatiana remembered for a lifetime. It took three weeks, taiga, steppe gave way to the window, the city - endless fields, and even then she realized that he lives in a huge and great country, which nelzyane love.

However, substantial climate change and poor environmental conditions in the industrial part of the city, where the parents of Tatiana, adversely affect the health of her mother settled, and the family was forced to move again, this time at home parents in the Penza region. In the early thirties in the Volga raging hunger, and Tatiana she remembers that her mother gave bread hungry people on the street. Then the family is still back in Baku.

In the last years before the war, life began to build - on the shop windows were goods were not queues, the prices were very low. Many ethnic groups peacefully coexisted in the same city. The future is only bright, and at this time the war began. Instead exhaust boys with whom she studied with Tatiana, went to the draft board, and more than any of them did not see it. The atmosphere is a common misfortune, a common grief united the whole city, but no one has ever doubted the victory.

Tatiana decided to enter medical school instead of Philology, realizing that the motherland will be much needed doctors. Despite the war, and perhaps even because of it, the quality of teaching was the highest - from the students demanded a lot, classes were ten hours a day, gave up exams with honors. Along with studying Tatiana worked as a nurse in the hospital, vyhazhivaya wounded soldiers. The hospitals were allowed to work only for those who studied well, so as not to suffer performance.

Rich oil deposits made Baku one of the most important cities on the strategic map of the USSR, so the city was surrounded by a triple ring of defense, and any bombing or shelling was not in Baku. Moreover, it is well supplied, there is not sent evacuees, so during the war the family suffered a lot easier than it might be in other places.

After graduating from medical school, Tatyana worked at Kazakh wilderness for several years, then moved to Moldova and thirty-two years, she worked in medicine. She defended her doctoral, got married and had sons.