Tabatha Bundesen

Picture of Tabatha Bundesen

Age: 29

Place of birth: Morristown

Citizenship: United States

Grumpy Cat, cat, or that brings millions

This cat named Tardar Sauce (Sauce Tardar), but the whole world knows it as Grumpy Cat (Grumpy Cat or angry cat), she lives in Morristown, Arizona (Morristown, Arizona), along with his 28-year-old mistress named Tabata Bandesen (Tabatha Bundesen). Today Tabata already understand what a treasure appeared in her hands, and when she first saw her, she could hardly even imagine that this little mongrel cat, which also was born with dwarfism and malocclusion, will soon become a star and bring her millions of dollars. But it happened that way.

Now Tabata no longer have to work as a waitress - in a recent interview, she admitted that the Grumpy Cat has earned her more than $ 100 million, and the phone continues to be torn from its commercial offers.

It all started with the fact that one day in 2012 Tabata brother, Brian, looking at funny cat faces unhappy expression, made her pictures and put them in a social network. Funny cat liked his friends who have shared photos with their friends, and then the events unfolded with surprising rapidity.

Thus, the cat with unhappy expression on his face soon became an Internet meme and its first video on YouTube gained millions of views. By the way, the end of 2014 with the movie Grumpy Cat on YouTube watched more than 16 million people.

Kitty immediately called phenomenal, and her happy hostess Tabata has become quite a rich woman.

So, about Angry kitty has already written a book, it was selected for its advertising cat food manufacturers `Friskies`, but the main success - Grumpy Cat is shooting in the Hollywood movie` Grumpy Cat`s Worst Christmas Ever`, who finally secured the cat statuszvezdy global .

In one of his television interview Tabata said she did not expect that it will bring the cat into her life as pleasant surprises. And Tabata recalled that earlier, when she was not yet the owner of the star cat, then worked two jobs and terribly tired, and her husband sometimes sent her phone photos of their cats with the eternally dissatisfied attractive face, and looking at these photos, she always He is laughing, and her mood improved.

Now, however, Tabata is not necessary to think more about the work - I want to believe that the Grumpy Cat has provided their owners for life, and all this just because of one small detail - unhappy expression on the face.

The official account Grumpy Cat in the social network Facebook has more than 7 million subscribers, and their number continues to grow every day.

Ironically, among the powerful roar of enthusiasm for the amazing cat, which admired everything - from ordinary people to Hollywood stars and national politicians, from time to time heard a lone voice, who are trying to remind people that it is - just a cat, even fun, but in general, the usual cat, and it is not necessary to organize around it is so great buzz. However, to stop the wave of public adoration is no longer possible - Angry kitty has become a star of the national and even global values, and its fame is growing and multiplying by the day, fueled by advertising campaigns like producers and by the admirers.

Meanwhile cat Grumpy Cat, according to her employer, it is not sad in my cat`s life, and enjoy, here are just a joy to show she does not know how. However, the joy and the contentment on her Funny Face and do not need - it`s still famous Grumpy Cat, Angry kitty.