Tabare Ramon Vaskes Rosas

Picture of Tabare Ramon Vaskes Rosas

Date of Birth: 01/17/1940

Age: 76

Place of Birth: La Texa

Citizenship: Uruguay


For the first time in the history of Uruguay as its president was elected representative of the Left. 64-year-old Tabare Vazquez, a former Montevideo mayor, defeated their rivals from the center-right parties "Blanco" and "Colorado" in the first round of elections, gaining more than 50 percent of the vote. It is noteworthy that the two parties alternately ruled Urugvaenachinaya the XIX century. Many times opponents Vasquez frightened voters claim that he - not just the left, but "the real Marxist." Nevertheless, the right suffered a crushing defeat. Thus, the nominee of the ruling party is still "Colorado" is not scored, and 10 percent of the vote.

Tabare Ramon Vazquez Rosas was born January 17, 1940 in La Texa, the working area of ??Montevideo. Not rich parents did everything to their son graduated. In 29 years it has become Tabare oncologist. In the policy arena has manifested itself in the late 80s - was involved in the investigation of crimes of the military junta that ruled the country in 1973-1985. In 1989, representing the left Broad Front coalition, won the election of the mayor of Montevideo. In 1994 he became leader of the Broad Front.

Like many Uruguayans, he loves football. 10 years (until 1989) was the president of football club "Progreso". It was then for the first time the club won the title of champion Uruguay.

Married. He has three sons.