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Year of birth : 1979

Age: 36 years

Place of birth : Long Beach, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


"T.S.O.L." Hardcore - teamwhose name stood for "True sounds of liberty", first appeared on the Californian scene in 1979. The band`s music have evolved from a simple punk to metal and back. At first, the band led by singer Jack Grisham, who liked to often change their nicknames, and to be called the Jack Greggorsom, else anyone.Other participants were the same band guitarist Ron Emory, bassist Mike Roach and drummer Todd Barnes. Studio musicians debut took place in 1981 with the mini- album "T.S.O.L.", released in a small local label "Posh Boy". Wild sounded on the disc, and a loud anarchistic punk.

This was followed by American tour ,at which the group warmed "Dead Kennedys" and "Damned". These concerts brought the team some fame and gave her the opportunity to record a full-length album. In "Dance With Me" sound much metallized. It had to taste the audience and subsequent concerts "T.S.O.L." were sold out. The next record "Beneath the shadows" sound changed again, and now present a fair share of music keyboards, which was in charge of Bob Kuen. By the way, the drums on the album helped write Todd Shrivener. Status group rose from her appearance in the film "Suburbia", but the next year the gang was on the verge of collapse. The team left immediately three men - Kuen, Barnes himself Grisham. Jobs, however, was able to complete with the help of former frontman "Hated" Joe Wood and drummer of the "Joneses" Mitch Dean. Evora temper would change at the same time and the bass player, suggesting that the role of Jay Bentley (ex- "Bad religion", "Wasted youth").

However, this trick is not passed,as Bentley teamed with Grisham in the "Cathedral of tears", and Mike Roach remained in place. At this point, "T.S.O.L." We signed a contract with "Enigma" for three albums and started for the session. Already on the "Change Today" it became clear that the team returned to its punk roots.The next two releases were made in about the same way, and they present a light metal plaque. In 1987, for the first time in the history of the group of its album, "Hit and Run", hit the American charts, taking the position at the bottom of the lists. Around the same time came a collection of "Thoughts Of Yesterday", which consisted of songs "T.S.O.L." And " Tender fury ". In 1988, after the first live album Wood had disappeared, and Emory, Roach and Dean were three of us. However, by 1990, when it was time to record a new album, Joe returned to the team. Meanwhile, Evora three sheets quarreled with Rochem and slammed the door.

Replaced by guitarist Marshall Rohner became. In this configuration, "T.S.O.L.` Appeared before the audience with the album "Strange Love" as a standard the Los Angeles metal band. For many years after the release of this record of the group was not enough that you could hear. Only in 1999, took a tour of the original " TSOL " composed Grisham, Amory, Roche and Barnes

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T.s.o.l. picture
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