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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Place of birth : New Jersey

Citizenship : United States


Judging by the title of this formation of the New Jersey one would assume that it professes simfo-metal with lots of keyboards. However, this is not true, and creativity "Symphony X" can be positioned more as a prog - power metal (or power- prog, as you wish) , and a dominant role in the music playing guitar, not the keys (although recent times and forge ahead) . The idea of founding an "unknown symphony " belongs to the talented guitarist Michael Romeo. This guy is fond of music since childhood and even graduated from the appropriate school, piano.

Then Michael mastered the Six-String tool and tried his hand in different groups, and released "Dark chapter" solo instrumental album in 1994. Record relished listeners, and then Romeo has decided to collect a full team. In the first part of "Symphony X" in addition it includes bassist Thomas Miller, keyboardist Mike Pinelli, vocalist Rod Tyler and drummer Jason Rallo.

Symphony of into the same 1994 " simfoniksy " baked his first pancake turned out to be also the last one for Rod Tyler. And although the singer performed his role very well, place the following year at the microphone stand took Russell Allen. His debut was on "

The Damnation Game ", the pop- eight months after the first release. The CD received good responses, but the real breakthrough came only in 1997 ,when the stores turned out to "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy". The album caused a storm of enthusiasm in the European press, especially in France, Italy and Germany. Were indifferent and the Japanese have always gravitated to this kind of music, and only relatives States remained cool.

The success of "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy" failed to repeat ,and "Twilight In Olympus" turned out to be weaker than its predecessor. In general, the prerequisites for this are because the label set for the sessions short time and recording took place in a hurry, when not all things have been well established. In addition, as part of "Symphony X" have been replaced, and instead of Jason Rallo for drums sat Tom Walling. XPosle phony exit "Twilight In Olympus" the band went on their first tour, which began in Japan and ended in Europe. In 2000, Russell Allen has participated in the project of Arjen Lucassen "Ayreon", but this did not prevent his main group to give another masterpiece titled "V - The New Mythology Suite".After this took yet another global tour, on which was recorded live album "Live On The Edge Of Forever". In 2002, the team was going to perform at the festival "Bang your head", but the plans had to be canceled due to illness vocalist.

Somewhere at the same time as part of "Symphony X" has a new bass player Mike Lepond. This musician gave the idea for the next album - the story of Odysseus set out on a musical twist. The idea was embodied in the form of the sixth studiynika and called - "The Odyssey".

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