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Year of birth : 2013

Age: 2 years

Place of birth : Durham, North Carolina, USA

Citizenship : United States

Sylvan Esso: The indivisibility of music and lyrics

Sylvan Esso close to such genres as folk-pop, indie pop, electro and folk. The sound of a tandem - a combination of organic vocals of Amelia with electronic beats and sound engineer Nick. The compositions impregnated ` pritornymi` synthesizer sounds, bright tone xylophone and dance beats.Musical tandem Sylvan Esso from Durham, North Carolina (Durham, North Carolina), was born in 2013. The team consists of vocalist Amelia Meath (Amelia Meath), member of indie - folk- rock trio Mountain Man, and producer and instrumentalist Nick Sanborn (Nick Sanborn), a member of the psychedelic folk band Megafaun.The duo debuted with the single `Hey Mami` and released his first studio album ,` Sylvan Esso`, on behalf of the label `Partisan Records` May 12, 2014 - th. The album made it to 39 seats in the chart Billboard 200. Since then, tandem has presented two singles and toured worldwide.

Lead vocalist Amelia Meath performed in a trio Mountain Man,when the recorded song `Play It Right`. Later, she met a producer of electronic music Nick Sanborn - club `Cactus`, where he performed as a solo artist under the name Made of Oak. She asked Nick to interpret the song `Play It Right` their own way, and he agreed.

Sanborn says : ` This song went so well ,that following our meeting with Amelia, we immediately posted to each other, how we like to work together, and that we would like to do something much closer to pop zvuchaniyu`.

Gradually? between 2012 and 2013 ? Amelia and Nick set up a joint project. Women`s half of the tandem returned from a tour with the singer Feist (Feist), which lasted 36 months ,and I began to look for a new place of residence. The search resulted in Durham (Durham), in fact, Nick, and so began work on the album the duo Sylvan Esso. Songs were recorded directly in the master bedroom of the apartment.

Sanborn said that his music is ` easily coordinated with the tunes of Amelia ,so that the relevant words and bits turned into a chain of ready-to- listen singlov`.

Their debut album `Sylvan Esso` popalna seventh in the chart Independent Albums. The album sold 39 thousand. Copies in November 2014. The single `Hey Mami` was named best song of 2014, according to the electronic journal ` Paste`.For the first time on television Sylvan Esso duo appeared in a talk show ` Night Show with Jimmy Fellonom` (` The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon`) July 9, 2014 - th, where he performed the song `Coffee`. After enviable rotation in the air at the national level, popularity of the tandem has increased markedly. In August 2015, the team released the first single `H.S.K.T.`,which I entered remix dance music project Hercules and Love Affair.

Character Sylvan Esso tunes most diverse - from the grim and gloomy to cheerful and energetic, seasoned with a deep, hypnotic beat.Reviewer Hazel Sills said : ` In the slave synthesizer sounding songs Nick Sanborn traditional structures and vocal harmonies and folk blend svozdushnoy passionate elektronikoy`.

Song lyrics tandem no less diverse than it sounds. Meat ready to sing not only about the tormented soul of love, but also aboutthe feelings experienced by victims of sexual harassment. The singer said : ` These songs are made so simple for perception specifically to reach a broad auditorii`. Generally, Sylvan Esso is trying to use the voice as an instrument, so the music and lyrics are almost inseparable.In his first Sylvan Esso tour went 30 December 2014, at Phillip Island, Australia (Phillip Island, Australia). The tour of Australia continued until January 2015, and in the same month a tandem played four concerts in the United States - Atlanta (Atlanta), Charlotte (Charlotte), Charlottesville (Charlottesville) and NewNew York (New York).

After the speech, in Quintana Roo, Mexico (Quintana Roo, Mexico), Sylvan Esso moved to Europe, where he remained until March of 2015. Scheduled concerts were held in Lille (Lille), Munich (Munich), Amsterdam (Amsterdam), and other cities. Renewed tour led Amelia and Nick Washington (Washington) March 21, 2015 - th. In the end, an extensive tour ended April 25, 2015 th, in Vancouver (Vancouver). In the same month, the duo performed at the music festival and art `Coachella`. In addition, Sylvan Esso became a participant of the festival `Firefly` in Dover, Delaware (Dover, DE); `Wayhome` Festival in Oro Medon, Canada (Oro Medonte, Canada);and the festival `Eaux Claires` in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Eau Claire, Wisconsin).

July 31, 2015 th Meath and Sanborn appeared at a music festival `Lollapalooza` in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, IL). The duo also performed at the festival `Austin City Limits` in Austin, Texas (Austin, Texas).

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