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Everyone loves to hear some interesting history. Here is a story of a group Switchfoot. These guys are not just trying to " patch up a specific show " or to sell something. Switchfoot - a whole philosophy, and it is

time to push forward a particular leg. What carries a risk.

Everyone loves to hear some interesting history. Here is a story of a group Switchfoot.These guys are not just trying to "patch up a specific show" or to sell something. Switchfoot - a whole philosophy, and it is time to push forward a particular leg.What carries a risk. What nonsense, you ask. .. And that`s what -Switchfoot (or Change of Leg) is a surfer term that describes the process when a surfer my feet to take a good position on the board. More Switchfoot - it`s rock `n` roll sort of little family. John, Tim and Chad (and later, and Jerome) had seen a lot in the last 7 years of a penny.They went to Boucicaut for 13 hours in order to win back his next show, they slept on the streets of London, they were thrown into the street from the club in Hawaii, they met with the characters, and bitter enemies. They are doing it ever since,Tim graduated from high school: the best years of our lives leave on the fact that we play the songs in which we believe. And so begins their story.

From the outset, this trio wanted to be a real and sincere - both on stage and off stage. However, when your shirts are transparent so that the audience can see your heart, it is very risky -the strings are broken at the worst possible moment, electricity is cut, fingers, and memory fails, when all hope on them. Perhaps they could not tolerate the live performances because of just such jokes. They thought that my thoughts and my heart they are much easier to express in the records. When John, Tim, Chad, Jerome and later rallied, They feel - they have something to say as a live band, there is something that can not be left to speak out. They fell in love with live performances that often do not know what can happen literally in the next moment. At the same time, the risk inherent in a live show, turned into fuel, where they moved forward,their honesty has become a force of their own.

The roots of the band go back to childhood most of these boys. Switchfoot originally consisted of John and Tim Formanov (Jon & Tim Foreman) and Chad Butler (Chad Butler), three guys from San Diego, who loved playing music, surfing and glorify their Creator.These three guys up on San Diego beaches, riding on the boards every day, participating in the championships of surfing, since teenage and up to the national amateur and, as a result, winning products from different companies as prizes - serferskuya clothes from Redsand Clothing, sunglasses and sneakers of the DSO from REEF.Ever since they started skating on the boards, they play music. And despite the fact that the guys have been friends for many years (their fathers are pastors in the parish of Calvary Chapels in nearby Carlsbad), the group was formed a little later. Their story is perfect under the tradition of "success for the night" when their musty demo,recorded in John`s room, after only a few months after the formation of the team fell into the hands of producer Charlie Peacock in Nashville. The originality of the music and the sincerity of the lyrics literally immediately seized this nemaloizvestny personality. Soon the trio, personally met with Charlie,has signed a contract with his personal leyblm, which is the offspring of a music giant EMI Music.

Switchfoot`ov debut album, The Legend of Chin (The Legend of Chin), came out in ` 97 ,and has done so much noise that deservedly won the award in San Diego Music Association as Best Newcomer of the Year! Songs from the Legends were many television series and transfer, and the album was nominated for two Dove. Two years later, the guys release another equally interesting album - New Way To Be Human (New Way To Be A Man),a song of the same name from which was the best modern- rock song of the year. While most groups grow in arithmetical progression, Switchfoot just take off with every album ever higher. Did this affect the cooperation of producers - three Dov`onosny producer Charlie Peacock and meynstrimny uncle Dzhekuayr King (Jacquire King;worked with Third Eye Blind). Or maybe it`s magic took from sharpened in continuous three-year tour of skills. Can, all this is connected with the discipline of John - to write a song a day has long been the norm for him. From what it was independent, the result was simply stunning. Close friendship Chad,John and Tim developed further over the years touring and transported to the energetic live performances Switchfoot`ov. The trio played their magnificent concerts for listeners in Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and across America.

This was followed by another, the third album - Learning to Breathe (Learning to Breathe),which was released two years later. This release cleverly combines acoustic and eclectic guitar pop, which revolves around the ancient truths, considered in the modern world. "Friction right here / In the meantime, who you are and the person you could be / Meanwhile, things are and how things could be / Maybe forgiveness is here,where you have fallen ", passionately and emotionally sings John Foreman, who like challenges like doubting the listener, and the actual truth. Reflecting on the themes of the broken humility, spiritual rebirth and new life in Christ, which you want to learn,Switchfoot with delicate confidence jumps into the thick tension between what is and what should be. This album is even nominated for a Grammy, and five songs from his hit the gold soundtrack to the film A Walk to Remember (A Walk to Remember / Walk to Memory). Also in 2001 ,John was awarded by Gibson Les Paul guitars as the most promising young guitarist.

Since then, the group joins Jerome Fontamillas (Jerome Fontimillas), one of the great musical thinkers of our time, known for his fantastic work in projects such as Mortal, Fold Zandura and most recently Juggernautz. He joined the band as a keyboardist,guitarist and backing vocalist. His influence is hard to ignore, especially in their live arrivals. Oh yes, I forgot to say about the rest of the band: John - vocals and guitar, Tim - bass and Chad - drum kit.

This year, the group released their latest release, called The Beautiful Letdown (Beautiful Disappointment).On the new album you can hear a distinct "interference" Jerome, which in no way deprived the children Switchfoot`ovschiny, but rather added a certain zest. Using their skills in computer graphics, Tim himself designed all of the artwork for the new album, however, as for the previous one.So what? And the fact that no one before him in the Christian division of EMI did not. And further, in September they began Artists / Groups month on Yahoo. Many users can see banners and signs with the name of the Californian quartet. Keep it up!

Switchfoot reached not small for his 7 - year existence.Many of their achievements I have enumerated, but the most important thing that can not be awards and accolades, this isthat they have done and continue to do for the sake of expanding the Kingdom of God, in order to change the world for the better. At the time, Switchfoot worked with the musical group of Sudanese refugees.Suffered for their faith in the Sudan, a large group of believers fled to San Diego. John plans to co-produce their album using his home studio Switchfoot`ovskyu.

As for the sound and lyrical aspects of this group, let`s listen to John`s team leader. "We are proud of our local music scene and we are grateful to the fact that we are part of such. We have our own local heroes (Mark Trombino, O, Rob Crow, John Rhys), but we have all come to the table with their ideas, Based on the different musical heritage and influence. Much of our strength in diversity. Perhaps Tim would have wanted to be Paul McCartney, and Chad would be more inclined towards Stevie Wonder.I think that I would not refuse to become a Miles Davis, but that`s another story. The point is, that our records have always been difficult to pin some genre. We have never tried to play in a particular style. Sound Switchfoot, if such exists at all, it is an attempt to record each song with his unique sound, which requires each song,without exception. King is a song, rather than an album. .. If we talk about the lyrical mood, the songs Switchfoot`a come with almost the core of who I am. Songs - these are my attempts to discover the world, and sometimes challenge the everyday course of things. I have always had problems with writing pop choruses,who are trying to give me for someone who I am not. We never got into any specific genre boxes, so we have done something of their own, not because of what we want to be different from everyone, but for the simple reason that we want to be ourselves.I try to be honest in my songs and in my life as I try to deal with the tensions of "how things are and how it should be." I want the listener struggling with these same tensions myself because freedom, truth and love is worth fighting for. Moreover, life is to be lived. "

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