Picture of Swans

Year of birth: 1982

Age: 15 years

Place of birth: New York, SShAGod death: 1997

Citizenship: United StatesBiography

American rock band, It existed in the years 1982-1997 and had a great influence on the alternative rock scene.

The only constant participant was a musician Michael Gira, since 1984, the group joined the vocalist and keyboardist Jarboe. The Swans started out as a post-punk and subsequently constantly experimenting with sound.The early albums are noyz-rock and no wave, for later characterized by a calm music, an important role which is played acoustic instruments.

The early period (1982 - 1984)

In 1981, in New York there was a post- punk band Circus Mort, which played vocalist Michael Gira, guitarist Rick Olier,drummer Jonathan Kane and brothers Don (bass) and Josh (keyboard) Browns. The band released an EP on his own label and Labor split. Jira and Kane Swans created a group in which Gira has become more and bass guitarist. The first time they played with guitarist Sue Henel.She left before the start of the group began work on their debut studio album, but some records with her participation were published in the collection of Body to Body, Job to Job (1991). The first EP Swans came out in 1982 on Labor.In addition to the Giro and Kane in the group at that time consisted of guitarist Bob Pezzoli and saxophonist Daniel Galli - Duany. Music Swans combined features of the post - punk in the spirit of Joy Division, elements of blues and dramatic soundtypical of the no wave.

Soon the debut full-length album "Filth" (in later editions to him,as a bonus, and added to the previous EP), on which the artist has radically changed the style to minimalist guitar noise, combined with a powerful and dominant rhythm section and thundering percussion. Again radically changed and composition. In addition to the Giro and Kane on the album featured Norman Westberg (guitar),Harry Crosby (bass) and Roli Mosiman (percussion). The main thread of ideological group - the exposure of man`s social existence, as the various forms of slavery. Especially clearly this idea was expressed in the super- aggressive, wearing sadomasochistic shade group show.

Style Change (1985-1987)In the 86 th year in the group as the second vocalist Jarboe comes and the basic structure is finally formed. Already with her two Swans recorded an even more robust and powerful album "Greed" and "Holy Money", later re-released on a single CD. At the same time, Jarboe and Jira run sayd-Project Skin, recording three albums.Using Swans minimalism, but in an acoustic version, Skin continues to express all the same idea Swans and creates a unique exotic and provocative brutal atmosphere. The 87 - year leaves the most radical and uncompromising album Swans "Children Of God". However, there are signs on the new style change.

Late Swans (1988-1997)

In the 89th,with the release of the album "Burning World" this change finally happens. The new style is a soft, melodic depressive post-punk with a strong touch of gothic, abundant use aksticheskih tools and pessimistic religious texts. The 91 - year comes even more ballad and akstichesky "White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity",and in the 92 th this trend continues a few more mainstream heavy and "Love Of Life". In the 91 th same year he published a collection of previously unreleased recordings made during the period from 82 th to 85 th year of "Body To Body, Job To Job". In the same period,Gira and Jarboe start working on their own solo albums and work group begins a three-year pause, during which only goes to 94 - year two-track single "Celebrity Lifestyle", later included in the album "The Great Annihilator". There are rumors of the active termination of activity of the group, but 95 -m new album is still coming out.Despite strong criticism, Swans is still preparing a new album - a double "Soundtracks For The Blind" - which is born in the late 96 th. During the existence of the Swans M.Gira Jarboe and recorded three CDs entitled The World of Skin, the most famous album Ten Songs For Another World in 1990. Currently, both busy solo career.Draft Michael Gira The Angels Of Light. In 2005, Gere spoke at B2 club in Moscow.


At various times in the Swans were:

1. Michael Gira

2. Jonathan Kane

3. Sue Hanel

4. Bob Pezzola

5. Daniel Galli-Duani

6. Norman Westberg

7. Harry Crosby

8. Roli Mosimann

9. Jarboe

10. Algis KizysDiskografiya

1. Swans [EP] - (1982)

2. Filth - (1983)

3. Cop - (1984)

4. Young God [EP] - (1984)

5. Time is Money (Bastard) [EP] - (1986)

6. Greed - (1986)

7. A Screw [EP] - (1986)

8. Holy Money - (1986)

9. New Mind [EP] - (1987)

10. Children of God - (1987)

11. Love Will Tear Us Apart (red) [EP] - (1988)

12. Love Will Tear Us Apart (black) [ 6 ] [EP]

- (1988)

13. Can`t Find My Way Home [EP] - (1989)

14.Saved [EP] - (1989)

15. The Burning World - (1989)

16. White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity - (1991)

17. Love of Life - (1992)

18. Celebrity Lifestyle [EP] - (1994)

19. The Great Annihilator - (1995)

20. Die Tur Ist Zu [EP] - (1996)

21. Failure / Animus [EP] (1996)


Soundtracks for the Blind (1996)

23. Swans Are Dead [2CD Live] [ 1998 ]

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