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Year of birth : 2009

Age: 6 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Experimental rock from Los Angeles

`Swahili Blonde` - American experimental rock band formed in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California) in 2009-year Nicole Turley (Nicole Turley), former vocalist and drummer group `WEAVE!`.

The rich music scene in Los Angeles is hardly noticed the emergence of a new group in 2009, the year. However, only a few months after the recording of the first song and the final formation of the composition ,almost every musical edition of the world considered it his duty to tell readers about a new supergroup. Despite the fact that the group is made up of seven musicians, the main trump cards are three of them : John Taylor (John Taylor), bass guitarist `Duran Duran`; John Frusciante (John Frusciante),guitarist `Red Hot Chili Peppers`, recognized as one of the best generations of musicians ; and Nicole Turley, a participant of the group `WEAVE!`, which is also a wife and faithful companion Frusciante. With three albums recorded musicians are popular, which, however, pales somewhat in the eyes of the majority of the audience because of the unusual styleOscillating between experimental rock, afrobeat and art rock.

`Swahili Blonde` was founded in 2009, the year in the music center of America - Los Angeles. However, unlike many young bands, musicians, at that time had already gained notoriety in other projects, it is not going to play the music, designed for normal listening. In many ways, the band`s sound was inspired solo projects Frusciante, who often work in the studio, preferring not to appear on the concerts of the group, not to turn them into ` a group of muzykanta`. However, apart from the sound of John, the group inspires and many other teams, both modern and have long completed his musical career.

He made his debut in 2010, the year the band since then has not stopped giving concerts, traveling not only in America, but far beyond its borders. The first album - `Man Meat` - came out in 2010, the year. The album was popular, which explains not only the name - which can be translated as ` human myaso` -but also an unusual sound at the junction of experimental rock, art rock, afrobeat and a number of other styles. Such a mixture of styles, however, attracted the attention of record labels : today the group works with the studio `Manimal Vinyl`, which deals with the issue of new albums and singles.

In 2011, the group presented a new job -album `Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink`. This time the musicians have gone a step further, deeper, developing his style, continuing his mad experiments on combinations of traditional instruments with electric guitars and electronic processing. Critics flattering commended the new work of the group, however, as it was written, many independent newspapers ,Much of the success achieved big names.

The last work of the group - `Deities in Decline` - has already been recorded and will be published in the first months of 2014 year. Today, the group continues to give concerts, and publishes singles, which can be purchased on site or group in one of the online stores. It is also possible to download singles through the service `iTunes`.

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