Svetlana Weis

Picture of Svetlana Weis

Date of Birth: 06/30/1960

Age: 56

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: United States


Svetlana, who has been living in New York, and today remembers his Moscow childhood and is very keen to talk about it. She lived in a pretty interesting place - the center of cultural Moscow intelligentsia. According to the memoirs Weiss, during normal working morning, when more than half of the city in a hurry to work, its area safely asleep, and to the subway and buses barely slow to a few people. State woke up to 11 hours - for the opening of the wine department of a grocery store `Komsomolets`; according to Svetlana, in that line could be heard talk of high art, theater, literature. Svetlana`s childhood was, in her own words infantile - special schools, skating, swimming pool, summer on the ruble. One of the greatest childhood memories became the Pushkin Museum for her.

She received education mining engineer; while studying Svetlana married the son of the institute Professor Konstantin Weiss. After studying the young family went to the Arctic Circle. Almost 8 years they spent in the mine `` Vorkutinskoy` association Vorkuta-ugol`. In the North, I was born and the baby. Svetlana herself remembers that make them then really possible - the money in the family literally and literally lay in the bedside table. However, very soon accumulation were completely eaten up by inflation hit the country, and therefore to the accumulation of years of work in the North was purchased ... Japanese color TV. However, its most important impression of the North Svetlana called aurora borealis.

In 1980, during the Olympic Games in Moscow, Svetlana worked in the press center. And besides, she has experience in the newspaper Moskovsky komsomolets` `,` `and Miner smena` Zapolyare`.

Bothered Weiss and `Mayak` radio, and in the news department of the Central Television.

In 1993, the year with Svetlana family moved to the United States. Being able to make, the couple bought a house on Long Island. Buying a home in a place and forced Konstantin and Svetlana turn his life is pretty cool - it was soon decided to open a gallery. The main idea they already had - to promote the idea of ??surrealism and fantastic realism. Thus, the activities of the newly opened gallery `InterArt Gallery` was subordinated to the idea of ??surrealism. Since 1997, and for the moment, Svetlana Weiss is the director of the gallery `InterArt Gallery`.

Among other things, Svetlana is an accredited journalist; including publications, with whom she had a chance to work - `New York INFO`,` New Russian word`, METRO` `` The New Svete`, `Komsomolskaya pravda`,` WORD / WORD`, as well as many others, including electronic publications - RussianNY.com, DAYSRU.com and others.

Today, their gallery is working with several contemporary artists - Englishwoman Jane Andrews, Danish artist Ole Tor Lindell and Arlberg. There the couple projects and Russian artists. As planned, the gallery should not be too large, and therefore present its team is made up of a dozen people. The difficulties are not particularly Svetlana thinks. `The eyes are afraid - the hands delayut` - her favorite saying. So, gallery `InterArt Gallery` lives in Manhattan with modern surrealism. Perhaps it is - also a consequence of the fact that Svetlana Weiss was born on the day of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite.